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  1. Four Authors Will Split a Total Cash Value of $600 We apologize for the delay in announcing the results, but we've been so busy with getting the new site up and running that announcing the top 10 for the article contest had to wait. There were so many great articles submitted for the Winter contest in October, November, and December. A big thank you to all who submitted the articles as well as those who read, liked, and/or commented. If you are one of the first timers for submitting an article, I hope you will continue to write more articles. It is a tough job to select 10 top articles. The top 10 articles are listed in below. We are counting on our readers to help select the Top 4 Winners. Each winning author will receive $150, so please help us with your votes. Use the poll above to vote for your 4 favorite articles. You may select up to 4 articles. You must be a registered member to vote. The top articles in no particular order are: Considering CRNA School? The Bravest Thing I’ve Ever Done Shared Governance Leadership: 10 Lessons Thoughts on being an old nurse in a new place My Illness Led Me to a New Passion and New Career In the Blink of an Eye: My Traumatic Brain Injury: A Three-Part Series Failed AANP twice and finally Passed 11/20/2018 How Not to be the New Grad Everyone Hates Passing nclex after failing!!! Who is in Charge Here If you are reading this as a guest and would like to vote for your top four articles, Join Today. It just takes a few minutes to register and create a free account with allnurses.com. Enjoy reading and voting for your TOP 4 ARTICLES.
  2. I was reading through my various nursing news feeds this morning and "Hints from Heloise" popped up. I wondered why Heloise was in a Nursing news feed so I clicked on the link. A man who was a recent patient was appalled by the lack of nurses. So he wrote the following letter to Heloise. Henry P. in Atlanta Heloise did not post a response. As a nurse, how would you respond to this former patient? At least he gets the point that "there just are far too many patients for the limited number of nurses available." If we get enough responses, I'll send them to Heloise and tell her these represent the voices of nurses across the US. It might be helpful for all of you to post what state you are in so Heloise will see that we are a good representation of the best nurses in the USA. You could also post your years of experience and whatever else you want to post. Let's give Heloise and the public the hint that if you want to hear the voice of real nurses, ask the nurses at allnurses.com.
  3. tnbutterfly

    Celebrate Certified Nurses Day - March 19

    The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses and the AACN Certification Corporation are teaming up with healthcare organizations and hospitals across the country to recognize and celebrate certified nurses for their professionalism, leadership, and commitment to excellence in patient care. To honor and celebrate Certified Nurses Day, several critical care and progressive care nurse were asked by AACN to describe the extensive and diverse benefits of certification. Read a few of the stated benefits below. Validation “What I value most about my certification is the opportunities it’s opened up for me – the respect that I receive from my nursing and non-nursing peers, and the changes I’ve been able to make to the nursing practice at my current and previous organizations. I am a better practitioner because of my certifications,” said Sam Merchant, MBA, BSN, RN, CCRN, PCCN, NE-BC, RN-BC, Progressive Care Unit, University Health System, San Antonio. Excellence “Besides personal satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment, certification validated all of the knowledge and experience I’ve gained working in the ICU for almost 10 years. My certification has made me a more confident nurse, knowing what I’ve been doing for my patients is aligned with national guidelines and standards for excellence in patient care,” said Erica McCartney, BSN, RN, CCRN-CMC, ICU/IMCU resource RN, Swedish Medical Center, Edmonds, Washington. Career Advancement “Certification opened doors for me by allowing my supervisors to trust me enough to teach competencies and mentor new nurses. My supervisors trusted my nursing and clinical judgment enough for me to become a valued resource on our cardiac unit. Certification allowed me the opportunity to climb our clinical nurse ladder, which also provided an additional monetary component,” said Kendra Armstrong, MSN, RN, ACNPC-AG, PCCN, acute care nurse practitioner, Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, Albany, Georgia. Pride “Being certified is a validation of my commitment, experience and clinical expertise. I am proud to work along with my fellow certified nurses every day. It is a constant reminder and reassurance to our patients and family members that they are receiving the highest quality care. Certified nurses are determined professionals who invest in their professional and personal growth – they inspire me to be the best,” said Sherley John, MSN, RN, CCRN, clinical nurse, Neurosurgical ICU, North Shore University Hospital, Manhasset, New York. Congratulations and a big thank you to all certified nurses. You deserve to feel very proud! To read more about Certified Nurses Day, please see the complete AACN Press Release. Also view the video below of an interview with Karen Kesten, DNP, APRN.
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    2019 Nursing Salary Survey

    Congratulations, new nurse. Thanks for participating. The way you answered it is fine.
  5. tnbutterfly

    More Than Sixty Employees Fired for Alleged HIPAA Violations

    Moved to Nursing News for more visibility and responses.
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    vaughn act

    RaDonda's last name is Vaught and not Vaughn.
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    MGH ABSN Summer 2019

    Hi everyone. Did you know you can create a MGH ABSN Summer 2019 Club here on allnurses? Take a look at the allnurses Club information here . Let me know if you have any questions.
  9. tnbutterfly

    2019 Nursing Salary Survey

    Thank you for your input. Everyone will eventually leave nursing. If you have no plans in the near future, then 16+ years is the right choice. And if you plan on staying in nursing until you retire, then selecting retirement is the right choice. Ambulatory Care is a choice for Primary Nursing Specialty. (Question #5) Question #15 is aimed at getting data on nurse-patient ratios in clinical areas in the hospital that are the focus of current safe staffing legislation before the state and national house and senate committees. We asked this same question last year and will use the responses from this year's survey to see if any progress has been made in moving toward safer staffing. Not every question will apply to everyone who takes the survey. Therefore, not every question requires an answer. An asterisk has been placed beside those questions requiring a response. I hope this clarifies things for you and others.
  10. Just to be clear, none of the allnurses Admins have posted their opinion regarding the RaDonda Vaught case. We are just providing coverage and updated links to the latest news and videos. Members are welcome to disagree as long as they respectfully express their opinions.
  11. UPDATE In this video, Janie Garner from ShowMe Your Stethoscope who attended the arraignment gives an account of the proceedings as well as a recap of the situation. A couple of things stand out: The TN BON has not taken any disciplinary measures against RaDonda's license The ANA posted a statement on their website which includes the following: RaDonda Vaught Pleads Not Guilty
  12. In the news today following the arraignment, it was stated that the TN BON, after a nine-month long investigation, found no reason to take disciplinary action against RaDonda’s license. I will be posting another video in this thread that gives more information about this. Merging this discussion with another thread about the arraignment was started yesterday.
  13. tnbutterfly

    2019 Nursing Salary Survey

    The survey will be open for 3 or 4 weeks so people can participate and share their information. After the survey is closed, it will take a few weeks to analyze the data. The results will be rolled out via articles addressing various aspects of the data. While you are waiting for the 2019 results, you can view the 2018 results. 2018 Nursing Salary Survey Results Part 1 - Demographics Safe Staffing: How Does Your Workplace Stack Up? 2018 Salary Survey Results Part 2 When and Why Nurses are Leaving the Workforce - 2018 allnurses Salary Survey Results Part 3 How Much Do Nurses Make? - 2018 allnurses Salary Survey Results Part 4 Purchasing Power of Nurses Across the U.S. - 2018 Salary Survey Part 5
  14. tnbutterfly

    When Nurses Make Fatal Mistakes

    Bumping this article back up in light of the current case involving a nurse being charged with reckless homicide as the result of a fatal medication error.
  15. UPDATE About 3 dozen nurses showed up at the arraignment wearing scrubs. Radonda introduced her supporters stating, "This is my family." Vaught entered a not guilty plea and is already out on bail. News sources reported that $43,000 has been raised for her legal defense.