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  1. Hello - Wondering if anyone has info on the different placement agencies - especially for NYC per diem work (OR...) thanks!!!!
  2. french01

    Seeking info on NYC Agency work..

    Hi - Wondering if anyone knows which agencies are good for per diem work - I am trying to get some extra time and experience some other NYC facilities - thanks!!
  3. french01

    Hand Reactions with Gloves~~~Need ideas

    He could see a dermatologist for environmental allergy screening - testing can be done not just for latex, but for a host of other dermal irritants.... i had the same thing happen - I am not allergic to latex at all - and it was not the gloves, For me it is actually particular alcohols - Purell, some scrubs... I can now survive using Avagard and handwashing alone - no Purell or other scrub options. Good luck to him!
  4. Just moved back to the city and really seeking information on OR's - what they are like, work environment, professionalism of nurses there, etc.... - I would so appreciate hearing from anyone working in Manhattan - thanks!!!!!
  5. french01

    Anyone working @ Cornell OR?

    Hi _ Would love to hear about anyone working in the OR @ Cornell - I am really trying to find some inside info... thanks!!!!!!
  6. french01

    Seeking info about NYC OR's - really need advice!

    Thank you! I came from upstate - so I may be spoiled with by the ambiance - I am just a bit disappointed by initial visual: dirty lounge, no lockers available for new employees, someone sleeping in a chair, it just felt unprofessional - but it is NYP Columbia - It has to be better than it seems...
  7. Hi - Desperately trying to find out info about the OR"s in the city - I just moved back to the city for a position and, unfortunately, feel I need to quickly look for a new one!!! I live in Manhattan and would love to hear any info / opinions about the dept. heads, staff, environment, lounge/locker rooms, etc... Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. french01

    Seeking info on NYC OR'S...

    Hi! Seeking info on NYC OR"S - all boroughs - mainly major centers... Going to NYP/Cornell open house for the OR- but would love to hear inside information - Finally trying to moving back to the city!