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chelynn has 4 years experience and specializes in ER, LTC, IHS.

I am a fairly new RN licensed in 2007. I recently got married in Feb 2009. I am the mother of three boys, one of whom I lost when he was 13 in 2007.

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  1. chelynn

    Reassignment as a nurse

    You just continue to provide care. That's one of the first things I was never taught is that you leave your judgements at the door and you take care of your patients
  2. chelynn

    Why would a nurse push IV potassium?

    Since the post came from a patient I'm sure they're not real clear on everything about their treatment . You never push potassium
  3. chelynn

    New Grad-Insulin

    You printed patient information at home? Not good
  4. chelynn

    definition of "treatment"

    Things in our treatment books are: Wound care, dressing changes, creams, powders, monitor bruise, skin tear, etc, skin checks, diabetic nail care, podus boots, o2, cath care, cath changes, elevation of extremities, peg tube checks and flushes, remove dressing 4 hours after dialysis, suture removal. I think that about covers it :)
  5. chelynn

    Things you'd LOVE to tell coworkers...and get away with it!

    I often wonder how you can even breathe when you're head is always so far up your butt
  6. Our place does 12s, 6-6. I work 3 nocs
  7. chelynn

    what are your thoughts about my situation.

    I don't think the drinking was so much the problem as placing an IV was. Why were you doing that?
  8. chelynn

    Most common overdose drug of choice?

    Tylenol is what I see most, I guess because that's a common drug around the house and the lay person doesn't understand what a slow painful death liver failure is.
  9. chelynn

    trouble pronoucing some medical words

    You're kidding right? It scares me if you think this is true.
  10. I guess I wasn't clear enough in my first post. I never meant to imply that I don't give the meds. As a nurse it is my job to do what the doctor orders. If pain meds are ordered then I give them regardless if I belief the pt or not. The things I listed in my first posting are issues I will bring up with the doc IF he wants my opinion. Hope that clears it up.
  11. I look for pysiologic signs such as higher bp and pulse. We also look into the pts old charts and visits. We see if they are under the care of a pcp and if they go their follow ups. Also when you see many FFs you get a sense of the real pts in need.
  12. chelynn

    Contact after interview

    I didn't go through a recruiter so that's why my contact was with nm. If you have been working with the recruiter up until now I would stay with that.
  13. chelynn

    Contact after interview

    I called the nm once a week until I was hired, more than that is pushy
  14. chelynn

    my co-worker set me up

    How do you know she set you up and it wasn't a misunderstanding about the day or something? Why are you getting so upset before you speak to the coworker or the DON? what kind of teamwork does your facility have if these are the first things to cross your mind?
  15. chelynn

    How would you rate your RN position?

    I agree. For some reason Katie you seem to be a tad aggressive, what gives? By the way I'm in the ER Started as a relatively new grad, went in willing to learn and work hard and I am very successful. And if you're wondering Katie most of my previos experience was fast food and bartending
  16. chelynn

    Thoughts and ramblings from a tech/student

    They say that high quality chest compressions are the key to good outcomes, congrats to you!