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  1. walk6miles

    We may need fewer nurses in the hospital...

    Hello I've been out of bedside nursing for a bit over a year. I just read the first five replies and gave up. I think I have landed on another planet. My family practitioner said to my family member: "never argue with an old nurse - you won't win".... so here goes: I wanted to be a nurse even in elementary school. I took the long way; graduating from school at the age of 41. The school never knew it but during my last semester, at break, I had a TAH. I was so into gettting my nursing degree that I used my abdominal binder and somehow got through. I have always been tough, tenacious and outspoken. Long story short: I had twenty-two demanding, exciting, pain-in-the-arse and delightful years. I am now fighting off Parkinson's and it's been a battle...typing this is no fun BUT. If you went into nursing for anything other than the satisfaction of knowing you make a difference and that you CAN make a difference, then do nursing a favor and try a different field. If we let others determine our nursing "future" then whatever they do to us that limits us from giving our best, we deserve it. You need to make your nursing yours (and save save and save your money so when they do what they want to you because they know they can, you will be able to take care of yourself and your family until nursing itself backs you up and makes things right). Feel free to comment - I seem to thrive on it.
  2. walk6miles

    My Microbiology Teacher told me I can't become a Nurse

    Sounds like great advice on the part of members...i will reiterate: don't let someone else (especially someone who has no business whatsoever) dictate your dreams. Do your very best even if it means getting a tutor today; show the professor you are professional and serious about laying out your career path. Your instructors are not supposed to be about eliminating nurses; they are supposed to teach you in a positive manner what skills you will need in nursing. By the way, never in 22 years of critical care nursing have I used a slide or even stepped into the world of microbiology in a capacity referencing my nursing care. I have an understanding of micro; that has been enough.
  3. walk6miles


    As part of your display of "professional behaviour", you must learn to keep your composure at all times. Attack the problem NOT the person. Accept responsibility willingly and with confidence. Do NOT ever, ever, ever discuss any other employee's conduct with anyone not in a supervisory position. Do not air your disappointment or unhappiness to your friends. Be positive - never negative. Go back to the start line and deal quietly with your painful disappointment. You have time with this facility and they must have felt you worth the investment of tuition money. Prove to them that you ARE the best candidate for any supervisory position any where they might need you. Lastly, be fair to everyone. Treat everyone respectfully irregardless of your feelings ........... do these things and you will win. Oh, and be patient, too. Best wishes. Been there, done it.
  4. walk6miles

    Anyone see "The Drs" where they talked about nurses?

    Did anyone see the CNN story (also on Nancy (shreaking) Grace ) where they interviewed a physician over the ER that made a mother wait with her desparetly ill baby? They made the mom and child wait in the waiting room for FIVE hours and as a result, the baby lost appendages? That a...h.... doctor said, "this is clearly the nurses fault....they are to blame....and he repeated it three times.........OMG.
  5. walk6miles

    Nurse asked to testify for terminated employee

    Best advice: SEE A LAWYER; one who specializes in employment law. Good luck.
  6. walk6miles

    Fired. Will I ever work again?

    The replies about being targetted for termination due to age and payroll are unfortunately exactly right. I will tell you my story when my situation is fixed (and it won't be much longer).............. Keep your head on straight, get a lawyer, try to get yourself a job that you enjoy (I know, I know) and remember this much: it is the absolute truth that God watches over you and God will take care of all the rest..........
  7. walk6miles

    Night Shift

    It takes the body an average of six months to "adjust" to night shift. I would suggest that you not take a travel assignment that requires night shift if you have not worked it consistently for that period of time. Some adjust quickly to a change as dramatic as that...........do the best you can (good advice on this thread) but get an assignment on your shift (days??) of choice so you can showcase your skills in a proper setting (and hopefully, AWAKE)!!!! Good luck.
  8. walk6miles

    Wife wants all-female personnel in OR. Is this reasonable?

    The only thing to be seen is the operative area..........patients are drapped and covered.
  9. walk6miles

    Cath Lab RNs

    It can be rewarding and it can be on-the-edge (some procedures can cause reactions that will test your skills). Assuming you have mastered ACLS and orientation in the cath lab itself is adequate and you are comfortable with your training, you should enjoy it. Good luck and let us know how it goes....
  10. walk6miles

    When patients attack

    Three times and all in the ER. First time, an unrestrained prisoner brought in by police....she had both hands on my throat and the officer who brought her in was extremely embarrassed......eeeeek!! Attempted to slap my face with her foot.........saved by security officer. Last was local bank president who went for my face with her manicured nails...again, saved by co-worker........
  11. walk6miles

    Massive RN Layoffs

    Me thinks there is a foul odor to thy posting!! Thee should never think thy readers are shallow and without their wits......begone, imposter!!
  12. walk6miles

    extremely dissapointed

    Am I missing part of the original message? How did you find out that "then I got a call for the second interview.....an HR error"?
  13. walk6miles

    Stop yelling! (vent)

    I am specially "impressed" with family members who ask me (the critical care RN) to find and bring in a chair for another able bodied visitor. I always say "soon as I can" but honestly, what am I supposed to do about my two (yes, I said TWO) other critically ill patients? Should I ignore the vent alarms or that incessant pump alarm telling me that the piggyback is complete and so is the main IV? Or .........oh you can all fill in any incident from your experience.... I've had family members walk into a room with a patient on IABP therapy to let me (you're a nurse, aren't you?)know that "Mom needs a mouth swab...the last of the supply of 30 has been used)...................
  14. walk6miles

    Anyone else studying for CCRN exam?

    Back in the "old" days, I used a casette player during my daily run or walk and listened to Gasparis on casette tape.... I still have them but I guess mp players are in now and casette players are out..... I also put my notes on casette tape...anything i needed, i taped and listened over and over for 8 months. I also took any type of "sample test" that i could find. Success!
  15. walk6miles

    Help. Is my outrage justified?

    I feel very sorry for the student who is caught up in this problem - but more than her problem, I am astonished at the judgement of members without the input of this student. What gives??