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  1. MishlB

    Upset about pay in this area...

    That's why I am leaving San Antonio. Pay sucks, and it really doesn't matter where you go. Do you have experience? That is what I started at as a new graduate nurse. You can find better with a little experience, maybe try night shift??
  2. Wow, ROLAND, I have to agree that you need to chill. Many hospitals keep GN's on as CNA's, hoping to keep them as a nurse once the boards are passed. They could easily let them go as well, not giving them ANY opportunities to learn on the job as well as continue to earn money. Critical thinking is what we do...and the NCLEX is not an easy test. Are you proposing we graduate and start working without a licensing exam? Medicine is not like the law in the way that there are many variables in different situations. (only an example, I am not familiar with passing the bar exam)
  3. I don't know about where you work, but I have NOT seen a doctor empty a bedpan.......... :chuckle
  4. MishlB

    CBC doubts

    I don't think this is the appropriate site for you. You need to discuss this info with your doctor.
  5. MishlB

    NICU visitation policy-Are more visitors really better?

    Parents and grandparents, as well as siblings if vaccines up to date; 2 at bedside at a time..noon to 2pm, 3-6pm, and 8-11pm. I dont like the kids coming in...it's an ICU for goodness sake.
  6. MishlB

    Various R/T Roles??

    We would be lost without RT...just like your palace described in original post. They are awesome!!!!
  7. MishlB

    What did I do wrong here?

    How do you know you were apneic for 2 minutes??
  8. MishlB

    Prone Positioning in the NICU

    We have "snugglies", which keep them nested, whether prone or supine, etc. We still reposition to avoid toaster heads, and don't leave them prone all shift. After seeing kids in our developmental clinic months and years down the road, it's amazing how much damage a malpositioned head can do.
  9. MishlB

    Adding Fortifier ??

    I am curious how many have dietary mixing their breast milk??? Our dietary makes many mistakes with our special formulas, so I can't imagine trusting them with EBM.
  10. MishlB

    Adding Fortifier ??

    Wow...two packs per 25 cc's for 24 cal??? We do two per 50cc's. As the calories go up we add Neosure powder as well as HMF. I am also surprised to hear of the place that DOESN'T charge for the HMF. Our facility is very strict as to who needs it, must have an order etc. People actually sell it for cash...VERY expensive stuff.
  11. MishlB

    I am a 'Cuddler' in the NICU ...anyone else?

    I WISH our manager allowed volunteers...nope! Just us nurses with not enough time to cuddle those who need it.
  12. MishlB

    Negative Work Environment, HELP!

    Don't give up so soon. The grass is not always greener. I had the same experience, and just kept being myself, not getting into the group mentality. Be a positive role model, it might change some attitudes. You are there for your patients and their families, NOT the other nurses. Most people who are miserable want company...don't let them drive you out. Be the best you can be, and it WILL make a difference!!!!!
  13. MishlB

    reccomend a good (free) cpr/bcls course in NYC

    Isnt this offered at your facility???????
  14. MishlB

    Wit (The Movie)---Insights!

    I saw this movie while in nursing school as well. Very touching and sad, and hopefully will help you understand what patients feel while being hospitalized...dying or not. Another good one to watch is The Doctor with William Hurt. Maybe med students should be watching these films.....hmmmmmm?
  15. MishlB

    Culturally diverse nursing

    Well, first of all, who is "they"? There are many many cultures, so exactly which ones are you speaking of??
  16. MishlB

    Induction craze

    Being stressed is not a reason for induction. It will happen when the time is right. We have many docs that induce early for convenience or whatever, and I disagree. Mother nature is a wonderful thing. Has your baby been diagnosed with any problems, such as OI?