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RNNPICU has 13 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in PICU.

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    Annual Dog & Pony Show

    JKL33: Good point about th "18" it could be perceived as petty and could come accross as not paying attention to the presentation.

    Pt advocatcy

    From your post it sounds like management is aware of the situation. I really don't think it matter if you think the nurse is a "favorite". While this is a serious allegation, it sounds like you want to be made aware of the situation. Did you document the interaction and report your findings immediately after your visit? Once you report, it is no longer in your hands and you do not need to know the outcomes. Please do not gossip amongst each other, it can create an uncomfortable environment. Would you want others talking about you if you made an error or did something? As fo escalating to upper management because you think it is being swept under the rug is no following the chain of command. You are only reporting what an interpreter told you had happened. If there was a new incident you would need to report to your manager, fill out an incident report and what ever else would need to be done. Otherwise this is now old information that is being dealt with. I understand we are always curious, as evidenced by your coworkers all talking about the situation, but being curious about outcomes and wanting answers about another person's errors is just being curious.

    Annual Dog & Pony Show

    Davey Do: Interesting exerts. For the record number of profanity. Perhaps on an evaluation or for recommendations on future in-services, you could say something along the lines of ..... "For everyone's benefit it would be helpful to have other words used besides profanity laced descriptions. While a patient may actually use the words, as medical professionals in professional settings such as an inservice we are educated enough to only use an abbreviated version to illustrate the point. In a recent inservice, a speaker used full profanity 18 times when this could have been greatly reduced and even eliminated. Although I understand we are all co-workers, in professional setting we should be handling ourselves as the medical professionals we are."

    CoWorker using a patient's medication

    Before you go off reporting this coworker, why not talk to your coworker and remind her that this could be viewed as diverting a medication. ALthough it was a topical medication, perhaps she felt it was okay? I would first speak to your coworker. Also, unless your coworker told you directly that she had no discipline, you do not know that for a fact. If the hospital was aware, then there really isn't a need to do more.

    WGU and Flu Shot Declination Pre-Licensure BSN

    As others have said, just because WGU may not require it, it is often clinical sites that have mandated that ALL nursing students and other students have the flu vaccine. Even though some hospitals may have policies for their employees, you are not an employee. You are a guest in their facility. WHile not every single visitor to the hospital needs to show proof of the flu vaccine, you will be in clinical areas and provding care. Even shadow experiences have to show proof of a flu vaccine.

    Transitioning to CICU

    Honesty, I would juust stay in the ER. I am also a student and have been at the same job for a while now and have considered looking, however, I still need to finish my degree and don't want to have to study for school and study/ learn all new things for a new job. The CICU will not necesarily help you with informatics.
  7. I would really ignore this nurse. As you are getting ready to move into your new unit, people sometimes become very weird... You will be moving into a position from CNa to RN, perhaps she wishes she could start new all over again. WHile I don't think i9t is jealousy, I thiink you are no longer her subordinate and it is difficult for her to see you in a new role. I would NOT work on the unit she is on, rather find a different unit, heck even check out ICU if you want, there is a role for every nurse.

    Ethical Question

    JKL33: Exactly. Interesting thoughts.. sometimes I think we a nurses supress some of our feelings of grief, outrage, stress, etc in different ways. Maybe this coworker had care for this patient a while and was trying to cope with the incident. I too do not think it was just for entertainement or mocking a patient, etc...

    Ethical Question

    What was the point of the other coworker showing you the picture? In what capacity or conversation was this picture shown? How was the conversation initiated? Were you asking probing questions about the patient after you had taken care of them? If the picture was a completely random context and nothing to do with the care of the patient... Did you ask why the coworker had the picture and of what use was it? Did you tell the coworker that it likely was a ethical violation to have that picture? I ask you these questions becuase the way you posed the questions leaves so many unanswered questions and potential for many mamy senarios.

    Live in lpn

    Lawyer likely will not help as it may have something to do with Medicaid/Medicare reimbursement laws created by the state. Also, as a nurse, it is impossible to work 24/7 on a continuous basis, who would your relief be, who would fill in for you when you are sick, need to go grocery shopping, leave the house for other errands, vacation, etc. Most cases like your friend although may require 24 hour care, may not require 24/7 nursing care. How would you draw the line between your nursing obligations to care for him and when you are off duty? If the nursing company has not given you a nurse, consider switching companies. Check with your state laws on non-family person who shares and address. If you were a family member it may be a different story.

    NCLEX cost

    Unfortunately I have never heard of any scholarships that only cover the cost of the NCLEX. Maybe think about a payment plan to yourself, and each paycheck take some out and put it towards the exam and license.

    Starting in Home Health - Is the Experience Viable?

    I think if you want home health as a new grad ask yourself the following questions and how comfortable are you doing them BY YOURSELF 1. Indpendently giving meds and knowing correct doses as well as reasons why a medication is outside parameters 2. How to calculate medications mg/kg or mcg/kg 3. How to nasal suction, how to suction a trach 4. How to change a trach and trach ties 5. WHen to emergently change a trach 6. How to troubleshoot a BiPap, CPAP or ventilator and the different types of vents 7. How to unclog a G-Tube 8. How to respond if a G/J tube falls out 9. How to recognize respiratory distress and intervene appropriately 10. How to administer or increase oxygen, give nebs. This is just a small list but gives you the idea of the assessment skills and skill set you need on DAY ONE. No week long orientation will give you any of this. Really think if you are truly ready to jump in and care for someone without a doctor in the house. Remember if you are in the home setting and call the doctor, it may be 1-2 hours before they would get back to you. It is all on you.

    HELP! Writing a paper on healthcare ethics

    SInce we are here to help, talk out where your thoughts are now. Tell us which ethical dillemma you are most interested in.

    Peer Eval

    For peer evaluatiuons you don't want to focus on a single event or isolated incidents. If you need to come up with something for peer evaluations try something along these lines. Peer evaluatee is very skilled in XYZ, it would be great to have them participate in council X. Peer evaluatee is always very helpful with XXX, it would be great to seem them support coworkers by including others with less experience... Benign statements like this but with some information tailored to their skill set and the POSITIVE attributes can work. Good Luck

    Depression + Anxiety as a Nurse

    However if you want to be a nurse, you will always be looking at the nurses and regretting it.

    Depression + Anxiety as a Nurse

    try to think about it in terms of teaching someone rather than a skills check off. How are you going to teach the wife or mother of a loved one how to do these things. Think of your instructor as the parent or spouse. reframe your thinking the next time as you teaching someone rather than you being checked off.

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