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  1. McDonald's was never about good food, only fast food, and at that, they are good.
  2. does not use of call light still come with admission? the patient was right, he was not well informed and left to deal on his own.
  3. morte

    Written Up

    the OP may have done precisely what the doc wanted. the order was shottily written
  4. morte

    Unvaccinated Boy in Oregon gets Tetanus

    suturing is not rocket science.
  5. morte

    Seeking Advice

    why could this not affect your license? if they truly believe you did that, they should report you to the board. and it is libel.
  6. morte

    Working part time in nursing school

    a lot depends on how solid your education has been up to this point. doable, no/little social life, good time management.
  7. morte

    Positive UDS

    i find 12 days to 3 weeks, please research, there were too many sites to site them all. good luck
  8. morte

    Religion & ectopic abortion

    thank you!!!
  9. morte

    Religion & ectopic abortion

    but it is, and needs to be acknowledged.
  10. morte

    Religion & ectopic abortion

    fed money does not go to elective abortion. some states support. sl more than 1/2 of abortions follow failed BC.
  11. morte

    Religion & ectopic abortion

    and those women do come up with the money, or their partners do. fed money does not pay for elective abortion, some states do.
  12. morte

    Religion & ectopic abortion

    yes it is an abortion.
  13. morte

    Religion & ectopic abortion

    it certainly IS an abortion!
  14. morte

    Religion & ectopic abortion

    I am not sure that the Church is against this, after all, it would be suicide to continue the pregnancy.
  15. instead of the federal pen. and in all likelihood did not win the election either.