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Critical Care: Cardiac, VAD, Transplant
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bookworm1 specializes in Critical Care: Cardiac, VAD, Transplant.

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  1. bookworm1

    night shift

    Hey night-shifters! What do you ladies and gentlemen do on your 'nights' off? Many household chores are out because the sound will wake up the family. I was thinking about a 24 hour gym but those are so incredibly expensive. Any other ideas?? I do no...
  2. bookworm1

    You Know You Really Have To Pee When......

    when you catch yourself staring at the patient's dialysis catheter with longing...
  3. bookworm1

    Try before you buy Littmann 3100

    I just got my trial 3100 and I can't wait to try it out on the floor. I have used it on my family members to compare to my Master Cardio, and I find the volume adjustment quite helpful! it may be my next Littmann!
  4. bookworm1

    Try before you buy Littmann 3100

    thanks so much for posting this! I am a new grad working in cardiac ICU and I am looking for a better scope! this just might be it, although I already have the master cardio by littmann, which I love so far. anyone else have experience with the 3100 ...
  5. bookworm1

    Pay Scale

    I'm a new grad and I obtained a position in a great cardiac ICU in Chicago that performs open hearts and transplants. New grads all receive the same rate until they have 1 to 2 years experience. Our starting rate is $27 base plus differential for nig...
  6. bookworm1

    NCLEX Passers - anyone take ATI Predictor??

    I scored ATI with 99.9% chance of passing NCLEX. In addition, I took Kaplan and scored fairly well and received the 'all clear' to test ASAP. Just passed NCLEX in 75 questions!!! HURRAY!!
  7. bookworm1

    Cardiac CCU textbook

    I am a new grad and I just passed NCLEX this week. I start a new job in an ASHU, which is a cardiac/ open-heart ICU floor. Although I will be getting a lot of additional training, they told me to research a good cardiac textbook to help me understand...
  8. bookworm1

    New Grad in the ASHU

    I just finished nursing school!!!! and I am still waiting for my date to sit for the NCLEX, but I just went for my 2nd of 3 interviews at a large Magnet hospital. I was originally told that I would be interviewing with the floor mgr for a cardiac ste...
  9. I have to agree. I've been lucky so far to have 'real genuine' nurses in my son's schools since his diagnosis. We have seen the results of incidents in which 'trained personnel' were there to administer medications when the school nurse was out sick ...
  10. bookworm1

    Simulation for appendicitis

    You are right! I remember Zosyn, along with another abx. It was q8h in the small 100mL bag, right? That is a good start for my med list! Thanks.
  11. bookworm1

    Simulation for appendicitis

    As sort of a 'fun' project, our clinical instructor has assigned us to develop a medical scenario that we will act out in our simulation lab and our fellow students will be required to 'diagnose' the patient based upon patient hx, medication list, tx...
  12. bookworm1

    Questions for those using a pump

    My son has the minimed 722. I can say that I love the convenience and control. It is so much easier to dial in a correction-especially since we now have the continuous monitoring device that is an adjunct to the Minimed pump. I hope that it works out...
  13. bookworm1

    Everyone's laughing except me.

    From one nursing student to another: I had a real tough clinical instructor that was more like a drill sergeant and I did NOT want to screw up. He insisted that I do the first foley on a 93 y.o. lady, so I waited 'til he was out of the room talkin...
  14. bookworm1

    endometrial ablasion

    I does make sense to r/o other causes. I know my doc has an order for an u/s and labs to be done prior to the procedure. I had the labs to document pre and post menses Hgb levels. No mention of doing a biopsy first, but he did require the standard pe...
  15. bookworm1

    endometrial ablasion

    "I would do it again in a second! Nothing was worse than having my period for 23 days straight, heavy, clotting the size of apples..stop for a day or two and start back up again for 19 days..stop a day..again for 32 days..on and on it went." Thank...
  16. bookworm1

    endometrial ablasion

    This is something I am seriously considering having done in the near future. The fact that so many people think it is an alternative to birth control is interesting. All the information I've read has clearly stated that the patient CAN get pregnant a...