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  1. pat8585

    Magnet 2017 - Bullying, Evidence Based Practice

    Start anti-bullying education in school....NURSING SCHOOL.
  2. pat8585

    That Dreaded 3-11 Shift

    I like 3-11 pm well enough, BUT i miss out on a TON of activities! have had to miss many evening things, church related things, community related things because I have to work in the evening. Also, it is the very dreaded shift where I work. It is very difficult to find people to work for you. If I had to choose, I guess I would stick with 3 - 11 pm. I am NOT a morning person!
  3. pat8585

    Life after nursing school:STUDENT LOANS

    I am an LPN and I had to take out student loans. Two of them. I pay approximately 200 bucks a month to pay them back. I have to admit that I thought I would be able to pay them back quickly, making a larger than required payment. But the little things in life like rent, food, and car payment tend to get in the way! :) However, I totally believe that education is NEVER wasted! I look at a student loan as an INVESTMENT! Look into if your employer has any type of scholarship or tuition reimbursement. Many places do. Best of luck to you!
  4. pat8585

    New RN's...do you have a job ?

    You know what I find so confusing.....a lot of people on this board (and in general) say...."go for your RN , you will have SO MANY more opportunites!" then I read some threads where RN's are NOT finding jobs. I wonder if RN is worth the financial, emotional, and physical strain.
  5. pat8585

    LPN's, what is your job like in Home Health?

    So is youir friend an LPN? I was under the impression that RN's do more visits because they have to do assessments. I am wondering if LPN's can do visits, I guess. ??
  6. is it more than one patient a day? visits? Or is it going to an assigned client and spending an 8 hour shift there? I am currently a LPN working Private Duty and would like to see if there are some other options out there in home care. I like home care a lot! But I sometimes think I need a new challenge. Thanks for any input!:)
  7. pat8585

    new graduate nurse...worried and scared!

    I think you should give it a chance. YOu went to school all this time. Everyone is a "new" nurse. Give it time.
  8. pat8585

    Job Market in Ashland KY region ?

    Can anyone tell me how the CURRENT job market is in the Ashland / Louisa area of Kentucky? I am LPN and was wondering how hard it is to get a job there. I heard Kings Daughters laid off a bunch. I posted this in the KY forum and so far, no one responded. Thanks for any info! pat
  9. pat8585

    New RN's do you have a job yet?

    Sounds like there are more positives than negatives, for a change! Maybe I should go on for my RN.
  10. pat8585

    New RN's...do you have a job ?

    How are your prospects looking? Should we believe that healthcare is booming?
  11. pat8585

    New RN's do you have a job yet?

    How are your prospects looking? Should we believe that healthcare is booming?
  12. I was wondering how the job market (for LPN) is in Ashland area, Johnson County area, Lawrence county area. Any info would be appreciated! Thanks!
  13. pat8585

    Degrees That Employers Want

    I hear this over and over too. I am an LPN and would really like to go back for my RN but I read on here so many out of work RN's that I wonder if I should bother. I would have to get more student loans, and that is something I do not wish to jump into right now. But on the flip side, a person probably has a better chance of getting a job in healhtcare than OTHER areas.
  14. I think having CNA experience is helpful. A lot of times a person who is a CNA gets promoted once they have passed the NCLEX. Happened to me!
  15. Ok, new grad RN's are NOT finding jobs, even after looking for over a year. BUT...LPN's had better go back to school and get their RN because LPN's will be phased out soon and hospitals will ONLY hire RN's! Oh, and one more thing,,,it had better be a BSN,,,ADN's don't hold water. Does this sound about right? (I am an LPN)