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  1. RNGrad2006

    New grad RN (on F-1 visa) looking for jobs

    Unfortunately with the timing and current difficulty to finding work a challenge for Americans it may be more difficult for you given your status. However, in 2006 when I graduated it was easy. As long as you can prove eligibility to work in the US legally you should have no difficulty getting a job with OPT in theory since the EAD card provides your eligibility to work in the US. However, since you are attempting to work in an area that is difficult to find in work in and no guarantee of getting your green card before your EAD expires it may be difficult since employers really only benefit from new grads about 1 year into their employment. My experience is that many managers have no idea on the immigration process. My manager hired a nurse a few years ago that had OPT and had no idea she only had work auth for 1 year and she had to leave when it ended. She opted to go back to school in order to stay in the US. But just be warned that the marriage green card option is taking much longer than it used to. I have heard it takes about a year now. When I graduated nurses would get green cards in a short amount of time also...but we applied over 3 years ago and are still waiting. The immigration thing has really changed and with fewer jobs can't really blame the US government. But I find now that I have 4+ years of nursing experience and a BSN I have become much more marketable. Unfortunately it takes a few years to achieve that kind of desirability. Good luck as you move forward.
  2. RNGrad2006

    NVC -CP- GC Tracker

    I was so thrilled it did not retrogress again and fun to be talking about VB dates with some level of hope. I am hoping we will get our green cards sometime next year but imagine it will take till 2012. That would put us at the predicted 5 year wait. If it comes to that I would be happy at this point. My son is almost 13 so would be nice to give him options to work as that is just around the corner. Our PD is July 2007 along with many others but I actually originally moved to the US as a dependent of my husband in 2000. But due to the IT crash he lost his job. It is painful to still be waiting especially since we are in Arizona and due to immigration issues going on here my hubby is terrified of even traveling anywhere even in the US. Nice to be here but miss family and have not been traveling home due to the cost of obtaining Advanced Parole and legal fees associated with it. My employer used to pay for mine but don't do that anymore. I am not sure if they will still pay for my EAD but am hoping so. It is due to renew next April 2011. So happy for all that will obtain green cards this year!!!! Yeah!!!!
  3. Where does your family live in the US? Have you checked into fast track programs? Have you done part of your Nursing already and just wanting to do RN to BSN or are you starting from the beginning? Contrary to Canada I have seen new grads go straight into the ICU. I personally do not feel I would have been up to the challenge but some have done very well. Here in Arizona we have nurse extern programs. You only have to work one day a week while in school and 3 days in a week during vacation periods (that is if you have any depending on the type of program you are in). And I have noticed that it is easier to get into places like ER as a new grad than as an experienced nurse...at that point they dont seem to want to invest into the training. It does seem strange. I bought into the whole "you need the med surg experience first" too and do think it is valuable but it is a strange world especially in the US right now with the economy and jobs. Hopefully by the time you would finish things will be different but right now jobs are really scarce for new grads period...but the ones that seem to get hired are the ones doing nurse extern programs. But if you are worried about getting your education accepted into the US...don't. It is well recognized and accepted throughout the US from my experience...and vice versa too. I was accepted to UBC RN to BSN program after doing my ADN in the US but we decided to move to Arizona so did my further education in the US. The one thing you might not be familiar with is that if you did your ADN (equivalent to former diploma program in Canada) is that many employers are willing to pay for tuition to upgrade to BSN after you are finished your ADN. However, with this current economy employers can afford to be picky and are opting to hire BSN grads...given a choice that is what they are doing. I have heard this from friends who are having a very hard time finding work right now. If you need more info...I am a Canadian living in the US. We love it here especially the weather. We are hoping to be dual someday too...but it is a super long process. Good luck to you!!!!
  4. Yes, yes, and yes...I am doing what you are proposing to do...although graduated when there were plenty of jobs. I am originally from Vancouver, BC. I am wondering if their are any Canadian RNs out there who completed their nursing training (Associates Degree) in the states and whether any of you are now working in the states. Yes working in Arizona. I have heard the state with more jobs is Texas. Here is the thing, if I want to go to nursing school here, there is a 2yr+ waiting list plus prereqs (semester to year) and then nursing school would be another 4 yrs! I am considering attending school in the states and first completing an ADN program and then working for awhile and eventually getting my BSN (the final goal is to get my masters). I am doing that. I actually got my LPN, then transition class, then ADN, then BSN, now working on my Masters. In Arizona employers help with tuition. I know the job market is tough right now but I am open to relocating (anywhere in the states) because I will not be able to work in Canada. Also in 3-4 yrs the job market could soften up (I am being optimistic here). Can't work in Canada due to lack of jobs? Or due to ADN? Also if anyone has gone this route, what steps did you take? Can I write the NCLEX-RN, and if I get a job offer is it easy to get a TN Visa? Yes, and yes....you will need the TN or work authorization in order to get a SSN. Thank you for your time You can PM me if you want more details.
  5. RNGrad2006

    F1 Student requires Nursing License to continue into RN

    I was in your exact position. Doing the PN but already on a waiting list for an RN program but my LPN to RN program required a LPN license in order to continue in the RN program. In my last quarter (thankfully I was proactive) I looked into license requirements and also found out I needed a SSN in Washington State to write NCLEX. I think I could have taken NCLEX but would not receive a license so it was useless to my future plans of continuing with the RN. I recceived no help and went to the social security office and had no help, the international advisor was not any help either. I was at a loss. Finally we went to the border and were lucky to talk to a helpful border guard that told me about OPT. It is advisable to apply before you graduate. Once you obtain the OPT you can use that work authorization (although temporary will get you what you need) to get your SSN, get your license and move on with your life. Believe me I understand what you are going through. I have jumped through so many hoops but I did receive my RN (that was another set of a billion hurdles), got a job, and my post RN to BSN, and am now in a Masters program. It is possible to fulfill your dreams you just have to keep digging. If you want more details PM me...
  6. Thanks...I have taken advantage of tuition reimbursement and did not pay anything for tuition for my BSN but may have to put in some of my own funds for the Masters since I now am planning on going through even when my reimbursement runs out. I like the program if that helps....but know that it is an investment. Definitely post ADN education does pay off in opportunity and advancement opportunities. Feel free to ask whatever further questions you may have. It is also an investment in time....I always say I have 3 full time jobs and mostly I do homework, housework, and work work. But this is for a season... Thanks to a very understanding family!!!!
  7. They will likely make you take a bridge into the Masters program. The bridge is probably at least 5 classes or so and if you have an affiliation that allows for a discount it worked out for me to about $1000 per course for me...may be a bit more now. May be more or less depending on the pre-reqs you have taken in your ADN, if you have taken a Statitics class and if GCU accepts it for transfer credit. Make sure you get all the details sorted out and stay on top of it throughout the program. I have met a lot of students that got surprises at the end. The academic advisors have a lot of students and nice to get in writing the details from your enrollment advisor right from the start. The Masters portion I have worked out to being about $15,000.00. I am currently in the BSN to MSN Nurse Educator program....getting close to finishing my 2nd class. They have changed the program to be 4 credits each for the Masters portion and with 9 classes you can complete that portion in 18 months if you don't take any breaks. Good luck.
  8. RNGrad2006

    US Nursing student needs help in Canada.

    I completed an ADN program in Washington State and then was accepted to do a RN to BSN program in Canada. It is possible. But I would definitely complete your ADN program in Texas first. Not sure if it makes a difference though that I am a Canadian citizen. I ended up completing my BSN in the US though since I am still living and working in the US and it was more practical to do so.
  9. RNGrad2006

    Sick to my stomach

    Don't worry you probably passed. The reason you don't feel you did well is because the pass rate is at approximately 65% and many of us had to do a lot better than that in nursing school to pass nursing school. It is hard not to stress it believe me...been there done that. . Took the PN exam in US and Canada and RN exam in US and Canada...so been in your shoes plenty of times. And the reason you didnt remember about not disclosing info is probably due to anxiety too. The only people I have encountered that did not pass nursing licensing exams is people who have really bad test anxiety. It can really make it difficult to perform well. It is counter productive. I thought I failed every of the four exams I mentioned and I passed each and every one on the first try. I am sure you did too. Try to think of something else...it is a long wait!!!!!
  10. RNGrad2006

    waiting out retrogression - will this work??

    Anyone following immigration closely knows that employers are unable to wait for employees for the time it takes to obtain a visa. AOS is not possible now and the economy is down so the incentive is much less to hire a foreign worker. I realize EB3 is not just for nurses...my hubby is in IT. But if you look at H1B the yearly allotment is not even close to being exhausted and it used to have to go lottery and all gone within 24 hours. So maybe not nobody but the dramatic decrease is remarkable which is the point I was making. Retrogression will not be in future as it has been since 2006, at least not until the economy dramatically improves. Those of us LIVING it know. I understand you applied to the US also and have since moved onto Canada but we have been in the US since 2000 and had to leave in 2001 and returned in 2003 and unfortunately our timing was such that we are still waiting.
  11. RNGrad2006

    waiting out retrogression - will this work??

    I agree with this poster...or even move on for a Nurse Educator. You may not have the required years of experience in order to obtain a position as Nurse Educator and not sure if the CNS route would work either for that matter. But it is worth a try. In order to get a EB2 visa you need to have a Masters and the job you would qualify for must require a Masters. Some of these degrees can be done via distance. And you would be able to leave the US temporarily and possibly come back with EB2 if need be since you mentioned you are a European citizen. There are a few options. I appreciate your dilemma. I think it will be a long wait. But once the numbers clear up it is predicted that people who apply later won't have the similar experience as the backlog would be cleaned up. So essentially we have been waiting nearly 3 years and those that apply at the time we get our green cards (since nobody is applying right now and creating a new backlog) will likely be able to get their green card relatively quickly (or at least not have an additional five year wait). Keep pursuing your options...and good luck.
  12. RNGrad2006

    JCL Deer Valley????

    St Joes seems to hire a lot of new grads...on our unit to save money.
  13. RNGrad2006

    Physician office job

    You might be more likely to find a job working in an office that is connected with a hospital. That was my experience in Washington State and was told it was due to maintaining Joint Commission standards.
  14. RNGrad2006

    who owns the greencard..you or your job?

    There is such a thing as AC21 which makes your original employment portable to a new employer. The new employer takes over the initial petition while you are still waiting to obtain the green card due to the long retrogression process. There is some worry about the original petitioner reporting to USCIS to withdraw the I140 even though it is already approved but I was told this is unlikely to happen. But I would consult an attorney to make sure there are no glitches prior to changing employment as your previous employer may have an attorney that processed the original petititon but would not be able to help you with changing employment as that would be viewed as a conflict of interest since they represent the employer more than they represent you.
  15. Wow...you might want to look at the details as I found ASU to be more expensive. The tuition might not be but they add in a lot of fees with their nursing programs and found it to be a lot higher at ASU. I am also at St Joes. Where do you work? You can PM if you want to talk. Good luck!!!!