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  1. 3rdgenRN2B

    NCC - Pre-req question

    I took chemistry long ago and it has expired - so I was planning on retaking it this fall. Or I can jump right into A&P 1 & 2 and retake chemistry before applying. This way I think I'll have a feel for if I've got what it takes to get in... what do you all think?
  2. 3rdgenRN2B

    Anyone else?

    Anyone else moving forward with this having no idea what they will do for work if they get accepted? I'm a non-traditional student with a family and hoping, if I get accepted to nursing school, to at least have a bunch of debt paid down before having to quit or cut my hours at work big time. But I'm desperately trying to not let this fear get in my way of pursuing this at all. I'm hoping there's others out there feeling the same and we can help support each other!
  3. 3rdgenRN2B

    What do you think?

    I would wait and finish up those pre-reqs. That way you could give your nursing courses your undivided attention. Can you retake whatever course it is that's lowering your gpa? Also, have you looked at bsn programs in your area? If you're so close to getting your AA you might want to consider a bachelor's program instead.
  4. 3rdgenRN2B

    This is it! A & P 1 fall 2011

    I have been posting on these boards for years..numerous times I've posted that I was finally taking that first step and taking a & p 1. However, something always came up and I ended up having to withdraw. So this is my time and I'm finally finally finally going to take this class and take that first step towards my dream of being a nurse and I couldn't be more excited. So who's with me this fall? Anyone else planning on taking a & p 1? Just starting on their journey to becomming a nurse?
  5. 3rdgenRN2B

    A & P 1 -- Fall 2010

    Wow.. let us know how you did! Any tips on succeeding in A & p 1?
  6. 3rdgenRN2B

    A & P 1 -- Fall 2010

    Yay!! I start September 1st. You? What else are you taking?
  7. 3rdgenRN2B

    A & P 1 -- Fall 2010

    OK, I've started this thread for various past semesters and something always happened that made me have to drop the course. But here I go again - just registered for A & P 1 for this coming fall!!!!! :spin: And I refuse to let anything get in my way this time... So who's with me?
  8. 3rdgenRN2B

    Professions before nursing

    I work in a flower shop/nursery and have been at the same job for the past 13 years (since high school!). I'm working on my prereqs now...
  9. I'm taking my pre-reqs at NCC. I'm wondering if anyone could tell me what study aids I should get in advance for A & P 1. Specifically flash cards, etc. Is there anything specific that the professors recommend or should I just get what I think is best? Thanks!!!
  10. 3rdgenRN2B

    CNA before nursing school?

    Here (in CT) you can start working as a CNA after your first year in nursing school. Or you could take a short CNA course. I think it's a great option that I too am considering. I currently work in retail and I'm worried about how my schedule will work around nursing school. My family is on my benefits for it's either work or Cobra my insurance soooo... Look into other options at your local hospital as well. Talk to someone in HR and see if there's anything they could offer you. My cousin is working as a unit secretary and is applying to nursing school. You never know what you might be qualified to do! Good luck!!
  11. 3rdgenRN2B

    Anyone applying in 2011

    Stay positive!! I'm sure you'll be fine. But just in case, are there other classes that you need that you could take?Maybe some gen eds? If A & P is closed by the time you get to register, you could always see if your school has a waitlist for classes, or just keep checking to see if a seat opens up... good luck and keep us posted!!!
  12. 3rdgenRN2B

    A & P 1 Spring 2010

    What is everyone doing to prepare for the spring?I have the text book, and also Anat and Phys for dummies. It's fun and informative... anyone buying flashcards? Which ones? Should I get some now or wait and ask what the prof. recommends? So excited!!
  13. 3rdgenRN2B

    Anyone applying in 2011

    I just checked again, and all the A & P 1 classes at my school are filled and closed. Wow! Registration just opened! I'm so grateful to have a seat...
  14. 3rdgenRN2B

    Curious, whats your job while in school?

    :spin:Wife/mom/florist...so my job never ends!!!! Seriously tho, at my florist job I work 40 hours a week and I'll be cutting that back to about 36 hours in the spring when I start pre-reqs. I just graduated in May with my associates in general studies. I was going to go back and finish my bachelors in something, but decided to follow my heart and start chipping away at getting into nursing school.
  15. 3rdgenRN2B

    Which pre-reqs to take first?

    I got chem out of the way before tackling A & P. From what I hear A & P is very challenging, and so was Chem. Do you have any general eds that you could take along with Chem or A & P? I would definitely recommend taking a science along with a gen ed rather than two science classes together. Just my