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Acute Pulmonary, Intermediate Care
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FireHorseNinja has 2 years experience and specializes in Acute Pulmonary, Intermediate Care.


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  1. FireHorseNinja

    Palomar RN New Grad Program

    Thanks, it has been the BEST birthday gift ever!!! Gonza191 Happiest of Birthdays to you too! See you all very soon. :)
  2. FireHorseNinja

    Palomar RN New Grad Program

    I got the call today as well! Such a joy and relief. I can't wait until everyone gets their call and welcome letter as well. My conversation regarding unit/facility placement was the same as Metohypr4U and VWgirl! Some of us are slated for PMC and some for Pomerado. At this point we will all receive the same orientation to start, then by the end of the 10th week, we should have a better idea where the needs are, and where we fit, etc... I'm feeling very blessed and grateful to have been selected. Not to mention my birthday is Thursday, and I couldn't have chosen a better gift! I'm most definitely on top of the world right now!
  3. FireHorseNinja

    Palomar RN New Grad Program

    Hello everyone. Figured I'd join the conversation. I also got the email. I was a previously a CCE also. To say that I'm happy right now would be an understatement!!! Congrat's to those going through. Look forward to meeting you in the near future!
  4. Hi Emily, I was there. Did you enjoy the event?
  5. FireHorseNinja

    Kaiser New Grad 2012

    Does anyone know anyone that had interviewed and didn't recieve a call Fri, or a rejection email yet? Just wondering if they are still making more offers on Monday?
  6. FireHorseNinja

    Kaiser New Grad 2012

    Oh Coriander, I'm sorry to hear that also. I'm glad to see you haven't lost your sense of humor!
  7. FireHorseNinja

    Kaiser New Grad 2012

    We were instructed by the recruiting assistant at the front desk, to mail thank you cards to that address and they will forward them to the interviewers. None of my interviewers had cards either.
  8. FireHorseNinja

    Kaiser New Grad 2012

    @RNJules, I believe that comment was regarding San Jose L&D position. There was 30 people interviewing for 4 spots. I think the San Diego interviews were completed as of today. (4 full days). I interviewed on day one (Thurs). They told me it would be 2-3 weeks before we know. Did anyone ask how many positions they have, or how many people actually interviewed? They were runny way behind, so I didn't want to ask too many questions, ha-ha. Thanks for sharing any of those details. I did hear they had more positions than they have had previously, and they are revamping the residency. It sounds like a great opportunity and will definitely support the successful transition from student to professional nurse!
  9. FireHorseNinja

    What do you listen to while studying

    Anything without words to distract me. Some of my favorites are: - Rodrigo y gabriella (or any classical guitar/flamenco) - Classical piano (Scott D. Davis- piano tribute to Metallica) - Pandora Classical Gas - Mozart, and the like...
  10. FireHorseNinja

    Is it to late for me to become a Nurse?

    30 is young! As for being a male. No big deal. I am in the middle of my BSN program... we have 14 guys in my cohort of 40. Some of the best nurses I've worked with are men. I do think you should volunteer in a hospital to make sure it's your thing... but don't let anyone talk you out of it... because of stereotyping or preconceived notions. By the way, I'm 43, raised 4 kids, and I'm on the deans list! Hooyah.
  11. FireHorseNinja

    Older Nursing students

    I'm 43 and not sure that i'm the oldest... but i'm the only one with kids, and they are all grown :yelclap::cheers::w00t::w00t: Ok, I love my kids, but I'm having a GREAT time now that i've gone back to school. I love nursing school! I'm in a BSN program, and there are 40 in my cohort. I'll graduate in 2012 and i'll be 45.
  12. I am 42 and married-- and I don't qualify for grants either. However I was given a Safford loan, both sub and unsub portions. These federally backed loan amounts are usually based on your Cost Of Attendence index (COA) i.e. your program cost, major, etc... I was given more than I will use, so I will be giving some back to save on payments later. The other thing is that there are MANY loan repayment scholarships out there for nursing students. Good luck! BSN student- Aug 2009'
  13. The phone rang about 11:00am on Wednesday July 1st... Hello, this is the Director of Nursing at CSU San Marcos... I boldly stated that I have been expecting her call! I took a deep breath as she welcomed me to the fall 2009 BSN class I hung up and gave a very loud shout of JOY! So anyone else on this site going to be in my class? Oh happy days..... Dawn Student RN August 2009
  14. Just wanted to post a quick note for anyone that stumbles upon this thread I started looking for a volunteer position.... If you are looking for an internship in San Diego county, Palomar Pomerado Health has ended it's contract with COPE health, and has created it's own department call Pipeline Career Services and offers a CCE position for those looking for access to Clinical experience. Go to www.pph.org click on Volunteer at PPH, then to the Clinical Career Extender (CCE) Internship link to download an application and schedule an interview. Dawn :yeah:BSN program-- AUGUST 2009!
  15. FireHorseNinja

    Is organic chemsitry needed at these Cal-States?

    Cal State San Marcos does... and I'm fairly confident all Cal State schools do. Go to http://www.assist.org You can use ASSIST to explore the majors available at University of California and California State University campuses. If you are looking for a program in southern Calif that doesn't require it, check out National University's BSN program.
  16. FireHorseNinja

    My God, these family members!!

    Great strategy!