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  1. caloy

    some younger male nurses.....

    As a below 30 male nurse who has a pair of light blue scubs and works nights. I would like to respond to the original post. 1. I don't agree that there is less patient care/interaction during the night shift. During the days you have pt's family, visitors, other medical personnel; in our hospital we haven't had a nursing assistant at night for almost 2 months (because of "low census'). During the night; it's just you. From the old man that calls you every 15 mins cuz he doesn't want to be alone to the nonamb pt. having diarrhea. Yup, i work nights because i don't want to interact with my patients. And to the people who think patients are all asleep during the night; obviously you haven't worked nights. (I work nights because I like being up at night; even when i was younger) 2. Light blue scrubs. I agree with an earlier post. It's so hard to get male scrubs. My scrubs only comes in 2 colors blue or green. We choose our scrubs pretty much the same way anyone else picks out their clothes (which one is more comfy and -ok, i admit - which one makes us look better). I don't think pink scrubs with hearts would make us more comftable or look better.
  2. I completely agree. I feel that I should pursue further studies while i'm young and don't have a family yet. But have no idea what to choose. Almost everything looks interesting (from nurse informatics to genetics nurse to nurse educator). I'm a relatively new nurse with almost 2 years experience in oncology. I'm relatively satisfied with my job; but don't know if being an oncology nurse is the right thing for me. I guess the question is how do you know if a certain field of work is the right place for you? It wouldn't be a good thing if you pursued further learning, then realizing after that you prefer to do something else.
  3. I don't think anyone meant that hospitals are not recruiting filipinos anymore. It's just that more and more hospitals would rather not want to because of nurses not fulfilling their contracts. Previous posters have shared their own experiences regarding that.
  4. caloy

    Sapping Philippines' Health Care System

    I'm a little confused. from what i've seen in the posts, it's 1) bad pay 2) deplorable working conditions/ high patient-to-nurse ratio 1)bad bay: isn't much more than a simple damand and supply issue (especially since we're dealing with rising health care costs). The demand (accdg to sources) has been growing for years and will continue to grow. If it were a simple issue as demand and supply; wouldn't we have seen surges in salaries already. 2) patient-to-nurse ratio considering that one-third of new nurses going into the workforce is foreign-born (accdg to another source); wouldn't the halt of immigrating nurses even strain the patient-to-nurse ratio even more? The alternatives wouldn't be as quick to implement And there was one post saying that filipinos are unpatriotic. Consider this. Isn't limiting the influx of needed nurses cause either increase in patient-to-nurse ratio or in some cases hospitals being shut down. Causing patients or would-be-patients to be even more endangered. Isn't endangering people's lives in order for better pay more unpatriotic? after all, doesn't nursing put the needs of the community ahead of the good of its individual members?
  5. caloy

    Cancelling travellers for Foreigners

    It seems that their are a lot of misinformation that is going around. As a new foreign nurse (filipino at that); i just wanted to say a few things. 1. We pay taxes too. (It's being taken out of each of my paychecks; otherwise someone is screwing with me bigtime:lol2:) 2. It's illegal for hospitals to pay us differently from other nurses. I think agencies deduct the cost of airfare and housing from their paychecks (otherwise, people might say they're getting it for FREE. and we don't want others to think that, do we?) 3. I don't know what's your idea of the technology in "third world countries"; but i never had any problems with computers or any machine on the floor. (hey, maybe they just made computers and other technology easier just for us "third-worlders") 4. How do you ensure that we know the hell we are doing? I dunno, maybe the NCLEX? some of us also take the CGFNS? How did your hospital ensure you knew what you were doing. I'll gladly take more tests as long as you take them too. 5. About the language issue. Isn't it more of a question of accent than the use of language itself? Isn't it just as difficult to understand, let's say an australian accent or a brooklyn accent? And not all of us have that accent. When people ask me in which college i studied, they are surprised that i didn't live or study here (and i have been here for less than a year). Plus, we can understand a bit of spanish; which could help with spanish-speaking patients. 6. One thing that makes me happy is that in reading other threads I saw the same number of positive experiences regarding foreign nurses as to negative experiences. I agree that hiring us foreign nurses is just a bandaid approach. That what is needed is to offer more expansive nursing programs. But while you're complaining of terrible work conditions and higher patient-to-nurse ratio, wouldn't it be nice to think that there is another person beside you that would make the shift a little more bearable ( i mean, while waiting for a solution to the nursing shortage).
  6. caloy

    It's sometimes hard being a nurse of color isn't it?

    I'm a new (about a year) foreign nurse in california. In our unit, we nurses are very much diverse. Some of us are hispanic, middle eastern, filipino, korean, thai, caucasian, ethiopian, etc. And I'm happy to say, I haven't heard any stories of racism. I guess its a lot worse in other areas. I guess my question is that "Are some nurses of certain minority being subject to worse discrimination than nurses of other minorities?" And since majority of the thread discuss african-american nurses and (I assume) caucasian patients. "Are caucasian patients more receptive of other minority nurses; aside from african-american nurses?" I'm sorry if my posts seem inflammatory (I noticed, after reading it again). I'm just trying to understand the emotions that i see in the posts and equate it to my own experiences. I'm asian with a little caucasian blood. But is usually mistaken for hispanic (even by hispanics themselves)
  7. caloy

    Being the minority/awkward moments

    I'm a new graduate. i agree that sometimes women forget that we're still guys. Some of the things i encountered. 1. i accidentally walked in on 2 female classmates dressing up. After quickly closing the door, i hear one of them say that's it's okay "it's only me" 2. one girl asking about "normal menstruation" 3. girls telling me stories that they're embarassed to tell other girls they're not close with (like regarding intimate relationships) I enjoy being the only guy; usually. but sometimes i want them to realize that there are some things i would rather not know. and that sometimes i rather be the "macho insensitive cool guy" than the "sensitive and reliable friend (who never gets the girl)".
  8. caloy

    AOS and EAD

    Hi, Does the fact that they say that the limit for nursing immigrant visa has been nearly reached have an effect on the AOD/EAD? Thanks
  9. Hi guys, I just have a question regarding the visascreen application. I pased the ielts before i applied for visascreen. So, i wasn't able to request ielts to submit the results to the visascreen. Now, i just received a letter from visascreen that i completed all requirements ("meet program requirements"); EXCEPT that they are "waiting passing english exam". Am i supposed to request ielts to send a copy of my score to the visascreen? Thanks so much. I'm confused
  10. caloy

    Philippines News August 30-Sept5 issue

    To answer the question posted by Dush i don't think that would be fair. And besides the parts of the test that had leakage were not included in the results (so i guess, no one was able to cheat successfully) Someone correct me please, if i'm wrong
  11. caloy

    work abroad w/out experience.. possible?

    kathy_bear I didn't get to do much procedures either, but we are what we claim to be. "new graduates". People I met are very supportive (including those in this forum; thanks guys). Plus there is an orientation program. And deep down i think we know the "how to"; so that's half the battle. I don't think we should sweat what we can't control. We can't do anything about the fact that we haven't done a certain procedure in the past. What we have control of is the preparation we can do before doing that procedure. What's so nice here is that we can ask someone without looking stupid. As for your resume, i basically have the same as yours (almost like a blank slate). We're new graduates, i don't think they expect it to be long. As for the " don't have anything impressive to put in resume". Honestly, how many of the current nurses were able to put "impressive stuff" in their FIRST resume? (probably, just a lucky few). I followed the advice of watching my attitude (confident without being arrogant) during my interview. When asked " Do you have experience with computers?". Instead of answering "yes"; I answered "I won't be having any problems with computers" (it just came out, but it worked!). Plus, when you're confident in answering, they see that you are fluent in english (which, i assume, is really important to the interviewer). And since you don't need sponsorship, you'll have an easier time finding a job than i did.
  12. caloy

    Philippines News August 30-Sept5 issue

    I'm sorry, but it seems that someone is being unfair towards kalayaan. All she's saying is that the requirements of the diff US BON might change and they might require the phil NLE in future. It is a possibility, after what happened in the june board. There are also hospitals here in the US that also want the nurses from the phils to take the phil board. In fact, i know someone who plans to get the NLE bec the hosp requires it (even if he passed nclex already). As of the other information written, 1. You would NOT be sure if you passed the nclex at question #75, even the nclex guides would tell you that. It would take an arrogant person to say that he is sure he passed at #75. And it is NOT random, there is a system to it. That's the reason a person would find himself answering a lot of questions in topics he's not really good in. 2. Yes, there are some subjective questions in the NLE; but i would not say mostly (implying more than 50%). Otherwise, you would have heard complaints from earlier examinees (reason: large numbers would fail the exams because you can not grade adequately a "subjective" exam of this scope) 3. It would be nice to think that the Philippines hold great options for us. But the fact remains that it does not. If it did, how could you explain the fact that the vast majority of filipinos in this forum give so much effort in pursuing their american dream? (Also, Correct me if wrong, but the "neighboring asian countries" have lower salaries and working conditions) 4. In all nle prior to the june boards, you must pass all 5 parts. If you fail even one part, you repeat that part of the exam. Passing less than 5 is not enough. Why, because each part has its own purpose/ focus. Otherwise, why divide it into 5 parts? If we follow that reasoning, the people who do not have their license because they failed one part of the nle should be automatically given their license. The only reason why some parts were not considered was because of the leakage. 5. I'm sorry. but "have to do research and profiling of the BON members before they were BON members". Don't you think that's a wee bit of an exageration? (Don't mean to brag, but I took the nle in 2005; and me and a lot of my friends got scores in the 80s. We don't even know the names of the BON members). And if you read the forums, there are even those who did not join review centers. It's about what you learned in the 4 years of nursing. Don't get me wrong. I have friends who took the june 2006 boards. And it is unfair for the june boardtakers, no doubt. But please be careful of what you write and don't attack the people who want to express their opinion or give advice. I'm sorry. I just had to say something. Don't mean to offend
  13. caloy

    Philippines News August 30-Sept5 issue

    The PNA, BON, and deans (by the way, there is ADCPN the association of deans of colleges of nursing) might not have the authority to enforce reforms; but they do have considerable weight or influence on policies. They could very well be catalysts for change if they choose to be. What asianrn wrote makes sense, sit down and agree (or at least try to) on what should be done and give their position/suggestions to CHED. Would the dean of UP college of nursing release such a statement if she didn't have considerable influence?
  14. caloy

    Philippines News August 30-Sept5 issue

    If the student-nurses aren't the target, who are the targets? The diploma mills? The schools? I think most(if not all) of the people in this forum from the philippines would attest that this incident would not decrease the number of students who wants to take up nursing. The schools (or diploma mills) would not lose any business. These "corporations" would not lack of "fuel". It would be the nurses and not the "diploma mills" who will suffer. I agree that substandard schools should be expected to meet certain standards, but i can't imagine how the "dean's recommendation" would help in reform. - there are already a lot of suggestions on how to in this forum; so there is no need to repeat them -