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  1. icucharge

    Hospital Staff Charged With Killing Patients After Katrina

    I have waited until now to respond to this topic but I can not wait any longer. I live and work around the New Orleans area. I work with RNs who were trapped in Baptist Hospital and Charity Hospital for 7 days and nights working with very little breaks, food and horrific heat and no electricity. The patients also put up with the same conditions. For the people of this forum to condemn these RNs without knowing the whole story, (a news organization tells you only what information they know will get you hooked to the story) is a crying shame. There were plenty of other deathes in other hospitals that were not reported. For instance, at Charity when the electricity went out the staff started to bag the vent patients, but after a day of doing this the MDs placed most of them on t-pieces and the patients either lived or died. How about the vent patient that was taken to the roof to await helicopter transfer and died right when they putting her on the helicopter because she had a mucous plug and could not be suctioned. Is this murder?? I do not think so. It is called survival of the fittest in a horrible unbearable situation. And unless you personally were working during this period at one of the flooded out hospitals in New Orleans for 7 days/nights in 100+ degree conditions, very little supplies, food and water and suffering patients, then your comments on this forum topic have no bearing what so ever. And as to the question of if I could give someone these drugs to make them comfortable and die with dignity instead of suffering, my answer is YES!!
  2. icucharge

    No Beds, No Bumpable Patients!

    At my facility we will leave the last ICU bed open for a CODE and have th ED hold any ICU admits up until it would be time to call ED diversion to the other hospitals in the area. At that time we will fill the bed with any ED ICU admits. When this occurs any CODE that would occur would have to go to a unit with an appropriate level of care with hard wired telemetry( PACU or ICU or ED), which in this case would be the ED until the ICU would be able to open a bed up.