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Surgical nurse(UK)/now med/surg(USA)

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  1. ukrn2ca

    Infection control

    I appreciate the advice but I am stuck in a contract, the hospital where I work were my sponsors to get a visa. So as you can see it's the rules & regulations I need so I know that what they ask me to do is a legal requirement, that way I can refuse to work under conditions that may not be standard, as you suggest I am not going to put myself at risk nor my patients or co-workers. So if you have information on where I can find out about the governing body that regulates hospital standards in California that would be a great help. Thanks ukrn2ca
  2. ukrn2ca

    Infection control

    Hi I am new to nursing in California & the USA, I have just arrived from the UK. I am worried that the hospital I am working in does not seem to have very good infection control practice. How can I find out if the hospital is at least meeting infection control guidelines & who are the governing body that provide the standard for the hospitals in CA. I would also like to find out if they are meeting other standards of health & safety, can anyone advise me on how I would find out. ukrn2ca
  3. ukrn2ca

    UK to USA new forum user!

    :groupwelcome: Just adding to the good advice already given. I did a lot of the process myself, then went to an agent for the job offer. I used pacific health corporation, they are small & only offer work in Los Angeles & Orange county CA, I reccomend them if you are looking to move that way. ukrn2ca
  4. ukrn2ca

    Moving to Florida

    You need to have a full head of hair & long finger nails, for all the hair pulling & nail bitting moments ahead. Try ncsbn.org thay have 3 week on line course it's written by the same people who write the NCLEX, I thought it was a great help. Good luck with the exam.:studyowl: ukrn2ca
  5. ukrn2ca

    Doesn't anyone here talk about UK nursing?

    i can only agree with what you have said, my thoughts are with yours on this matter.:yelclap:
  6. ukrn2ca


    We are also looking to fly out at the beging of Dec possibly the end of Nov if the house contract is sorted in time, our buyers want to be in by the end of Nov so fingers crossed. I wont book the flights untill we have the house all sorted. Good luck on the 24th
  7. ukrn2ca


    Yeah it's a bit of a shock on the pocket, I remember it well. At least thats out of the way now, only the interview left. When is it? I will be thinking of you. Good luck ukrn2ca xx:icon_hug:
  8. ukrn2ca

    living the dream!

    I'm sorry to hear it's been so tough for you. I know what it's like to leave the kids behind, my son won't be coming with us he is in the army & loves his job he has no plans at the moment to leave. With web cams & the internet though there's no need to feel so far away. I do hope though that he comes back with your husband. My husbands cousin took his son when he was 18 he hated it he didnt speak to his parents for months, though he did go to school, he thought that if he got a good education he could get a job & buy a ticket back home. It took about 9 months for him to settle. He got a fantastic job he earns in excess of $500,000 a year & only works 2-3 days a week (computer programmer)he is now 46 years old married with 2 children & has never been back to the UK since the day his parents took him away. You just never know I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that your son will be back & for a quick sale on the house. :icon_hug:
  9. ukrn2ca

    embassy interview thursday

    Hello English Nurse I know we have already spoken & you know I'm here for you, but I just wanted to give my support on here as well. See you on msn love ukrn2ca:icon_hug: Dont forget those beers will be waiting!
  10. ukrn2ca

    embassy interview thursday

    Well we just got back from the embassy & were on cloud 9:w00t: We had big grins on our faces all the way home, some how it dosen't seem real. It was fantastic to see you there Gater!:icon_hug: so glad it's all over now. I'm not getting the champagne out though untill we get the passports & visa's in our hands:biere:, OK may be I'll have to have just one bottle tonight. Let me know how you got on GW. :smiley_aa :smiley_aa :smiley_aa :smiley_aa
  11. ukrn2ca

    At Last

    Congratulations:smiley_aa almost there.
  12. ukrn2ca

    UK based agency.

    If anyone else is interested in them please pm me & I will give you there web address.
  13. I just use the web cam with built in microphone to talk to our relatives that already live in the US. We just send an email the day before to say what time we will be on line. It dosent have to be a web cam just a microphone attachment will do. Of course you both have to have internet access.:typing
  14. ukrn2ca

    UK based agency.

    Hi yes I know pacifichealth. They do have an office in CA. I am with them, I am very happy with all they have done so far, my embassy interview is on OCT 26th so I should be going soon.:w00t: They are a small company & only work with pacifichealth corp hospitals, so there's no middle man to take a cut in your wages. Because the company is small whenever you call them or email you always get to speak to the same person, there's no explaining who you are & what stage the process is, they always know your details as soon as you say your name. They keep you informed every step of the way, my emails are answered within a few hours, as well as return phone calls if they are out of the office when I ring (subject to time difference & office hours). Their support has been excellent. Of course I have yet to find out what it's like once I am in ca & working but at this stage I am happy to recommend them. Oh dear I sound like there PR don't I:lol2: , but I really have felt that MY concerns & needs are as important to them as they are to me.
  15. How did you ship your T-bags? I thought i would just put mine in a box & send it with the house stuff but the freight company said that you can not pack any food or drink stuff ??