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  1. Allison P

    Methotrexate question

    Thank you for your help. My doctor told me we needed to wait 2 months, but everything I've found said 3-6 months in order to build up your folic acid levels. Thanks again. Allison:)
  2. Allison P

    Methotrexate question

    Does anyone know how long you need to wait before trying to conceive after having an ectopic pregnancy treated with Methotrexate? Is there a different length of time if you require two injections? I'm not an ob nurse, so I'm a little lost when it comes to this type of stuff. Thanks in advance for your help.:) Allison
  3. Allison P

    WOOO PIG SOOIE ARKANSAS Introductions!!

    Hi everyone! I'm an RN in central AR. I work ICU and absolutely love it (most of the time;) ) Allison
  4. Allison P

    Phenobarb. in neonates?

    Thank you for your response. He has a grade IV brain bleed. They think the bilirubin might be elevated due to the breakdown and reabsorption of the blood. Thanks, Allison
  5. Allison P

    Phenobarb. in neonates?

    My nephew was born prematurely and is currently in NICU. They started giving him phenobarb. last night. He has never had any seizure activity. When my sister asked the MD, she said it's for hepatic problems. Has anyone heard of this before? My drug books say this drug should not be given if there could be hepatic disorders. I'd appreciate any info. Thank you, Allison
  6. Allison P

    arkansas nurses

    Northwest AR is absolutely beautiful. I believe the pay rates for RN's have increased quite a bit over the last few years due to the population growth in that area of the state. Arkansas Heart Hospital is located in Little Rock. I believe CD Willians is their chief surgeon right now. They specialize in CABG's. A friend of mine is an RT over there and loves it. Good luck with the move. Allison :)
  7. Allison P

    Orienting nursing students in nurse tech role

    I was a student nurse tech my last semester of nursing school. The state board of nursing was very strict about what we were allowed to do while teching. We could chart and do a few procedures, but we could never pass meds or do any sterile procedures. It also did not count as part of my orientation time. I felt like it was a good learning opportunity for me. I felt comfortable on my unit by the time I graduated, and I knew quite a few of the nurses that I would be working with. I work ICU and during my orientation I was never assigned a preceptor. I worked with a different nurse every week. I was able to learn a greater variety of skills and information because each nurse I oriented with had different strengths. Allison:)
  8. Allison P

    Job Satisfaction Rating

    uaually about a 9 ICU Allison:)
  9. Allison P

    Nurse Aides

    I work nights in a 16 bed ICU. We don't have an aid. On day shift they usually have 1. Sometimes on weekends even the day shift doesn't get one. Allison:)
  10. Allison P

    advancing ed. question

    Hi, There are many hospitals that are willing to provide tuition reimbursement for LPN's to continue their education. When I was getting my degree we had several LPN to RN students join our class. All but one of them had a hospital reimbursing them for tuition. Their facilities also worked with them on scheduling their shifts to fit around their classes. I plan on starting work on my Masters next year and my hospital has already agreed to pay tuition reimbursement and help with scheduling. Good luck. Allison:)
  11. Allison P

    Question About Xigris Therapy

    Thank you for your replies. I think in the cases I've seen Xigris has definitely been started too late. It's only used as a last resort by our physicians. Thanks Allison:)
  12. Allison P

    Question About Xigris Therapy

    Has anyone seen Xigris effectively turn around a septic pt? We've used it on several pts at my facility, so far without success. In its literature it says it's only effective in approximately 1 out of 16 pts. I'm just curious if anyone has seen it work. Thanks. Allison:)
  13. Allison P


    Welcome to the board! Allison:)
  14. Allison P


    In my unit cordarone is almost always the first choice. We do have one doc who still likes to try lidocaine. Allison:)
  15. Allison P

    I am so hurt

    So sorry you're having to deal with this. I also enjoy reading your posts. They're always thoughtful and insightful. Allison:)
  16. Allison P

    new kid on the block :)

    welcome to the board christie allison p:)