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  1. chare

    Time to Renew my Florida RN and.......

  2. chare

    Graduating in Florida but Moving to Mississippi

    Which state are you a legal resident of? If you are a legal resident of any compact state, you can not apply for licensure in any of the other compact states. In your situation, if you are a legal resident of FL you have to apply for licensure in FL. When you relocate to MS you should apply for licensure by endorsement as soon as possible, and you will be allowed to work on your FL license while your MS license is being processed. If your state if legal residence is a non-contact state then you can apply for licensure in MS. ETA: For residency purposes, the Nurse Licensure Compact considers your state of legal residency. This might be seperate from the state that you physically live in.
  3. chare

    Vaccination for clinical

    Doubtful, as he has 6 posts from 2014.
  4. chare

    Vaccination for clinical

    No, there is not. Even if you found s program that would enroll you without being vaccinated it is doubtful that any clinical site will accept you. Best wishes.
  5. chare


    Although more commonly associated with infants and young children, RSV is more of problem in the elderly than most realize. Respiratory syncytial virus infection in older adults: an under-recognized problem
  6. chare

    RN Licensing by NCLEX in Maryland??

    You are correct, she doesn’t have to apply for initial licensure in WV. She is able to apply for initial licensure in any of the non participating enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC) states she wishes. However, if she wants to work in MD, and is a resident of WV, she is going to have to apply for licensure in WV and apply for licensure by endorsement when she relocates. From the MD Board of Nursing’s Nurse Multi-State Licensure Compact page. ETA: When she relocates to MD and applies for licensure by endorsement she will be allowed to work using her WV license while her application is behind processed.
  7. chare

    RN Licensing by NCLEX in Maryland??

    As both MD and WV are members of the enhanced Nurse License Compact, and you are a resident of WV, you are going to have to apply for licensure in WV. If you are do apply for licensure in WV, you will be allowed to work in in MD on your WV license, while your MD license is being processed. Best wishes.
  8. I believe this is the article NICU Guy referenced. Use of Ondansetron for Vomiting After Head Trauma: Does It Mask Clinically Significant Traumatic Brain Injury?
  9. chare

    Reporting arrest to Fl BON

    Whether you will need to report this is going to depend on whether your asked about arrests or convictions. I can’t speak for FL, but none of the states in which I have been licensed have asked about arrests, only convictions or pleas, either guilty or nolo contendere. Best wishes.
  10. chare

    Would this shirt get me into trouble in class?

    If it were me, I would pass on wearing it to class. While it might not "get you in trouble," it is likely that someone is going to find it offensive. You should also consider this. If you have to ask is "something is okay" or question whether doing something is "going to get you in trouble" you should probably pass. Best wishes with your education.
  11. Agreed. However, I am a veteran as well, and if I were to discover that an applicant had a less than honorable discharge, it would definitely be a consideration in my decision. Not saying that I wouldn't offer a position, but the applicant would really have to sell themself.
  12. chare

    Why are accelerated BSN programs closing?

    While I haven't noticed this trend in my area, this doesn't surprise me. And, I think you have your answer here, when you compare cost and length of the accelerated BSN with the master's entry programs.
  13. chare

    new grad high turnover

    Really? Perhaps you'd be so kind as to provide sources for these "statistics" of which you speak?
  14. chare

    I'm back with math help needed again please!

    While there are formulae available that will work for most problems you will encounter problems that no formula works well. This is why, when I work with nursing students or new nurses, I stress dimensional analysis. If you are interest in learning dimensional analysis you might the attachments in the first two posts in the following thread helpful: Master Your Drug Calculations BEFORE You Get to Nursing School. Best wishes. common pharmacology formulae.pdf
  15. chare

    LVN probation follow my RN LICENSE?

    You're not unique. West Virginua has separate boards as well. West Virginia State Board of Examiners for Licensed Practical Nurses West Virginia RN Board