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  1. Jessica Vets

    Critical Care Nursing

    Just a quick question. Why is Emergency Nursing listed under specialties instead of critical care. Why is this? We take care of most of the critical care patients- including neonates and peds!
  2. Jessica Vets

    How long have you been in ER?

    I agree that burnout in the ER is more often because of dealing with ignorant people than what trauma you get in the doors. They think that it is like McDonalds, drive through care- fast and cheap. I get tired of the sore toe for 1 year complaining that things are not fast enough when your trying to take care of a cardiac pt. the public has no idea what we deal with. Yet they will wait 2 hours at their doctors office for their scheduled appointment and not say a word. I think it's more dealing with the ignorance than anything else.