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  1. chysyl

    Jobs in Kuwait

    I am also interested in getting nursing jobs abroad. I am a Nigerian, currently working as a staff nurse here but i would like to study and work abroad. I will appreciate any info as to how to go about it. Thanks.
  2. I found the second semester most hectic while I enjoyed the thrid semester.Because during the 2nd semester i had about 92 med/surg topics, 17 pediatrics, and in pharmac the drugs for all the systems to cover in 11 wks.
  3. chysyl

    Seriously.....5 Patients????

    Well in my own country nurses are usually short staffed,sometimes it's one nurse to 17patients.During my first year clinical posting i had 20patients and we were 4student nurses on duty,so we each had five patients to nurse.Of course we were being supervised and we did well.it made us more confident at work.Now,in my final year i get to manage the ward under supervision especially during the afternoon shift. I believe starting with 5patients right now will boost your confidence when you become RN,so go do it.
  4. chysyl

    Your Worst Mistake

    My worst mistake was the day i was supposed to add 130mg of quinine into 130mls of 4.3% dextrose saline via a buretrol but i ended up putting it through the wrong opening of the buretrol so the whole quinine poured out. What really made me feel bad was how the child's mother yelled at me and the nurse in charge didn't help matters when she found out. She called me and spoke to me in such a way that i felt incompetent i felt like not resuming to work the next day. Our supervisors always tell us nurses don't make mistakes but they forget we're human and could make mistake. I think the important thing is to learn from our mistakes and contiune our good work and not to give up. I'm glad i reported to duty the next day coz i was able to apologise to the child's mother once again.:blushkiss
  5. Ibo,Nigeria I believe that a persons state of mind and feeding habits have great influence on your health and well being. I sometimes think that some illness like cancer have supernatural origins. Self medicatons and traditional medications None Prayers mostly Primary health care and media Hope this we help
  6. chysyl

    How much autonomy do nurses have??

    nurses do have a degree of autonomy but it all depends on your specialty and how much of your initiative you want to use.
  7. chysyl

    rules of injections

    I don't give any injections I did not withdraw.And TazziRN is right if its labelled you'll have to assume that what's on the label is what's in the syringe.