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  1. Beware this might make you puke! :eek:A man in a long trench coat, obviously in pain,had a dead cat attached to his organ!!!!!!!!! Needless to say the surgery involved required a total repair of said organ - now rendered useless.(I suppose that's something we should be thankful for)
  2. Just as patients are entitled to high quality care, so as nurses, we should be able to give the time and have the facilities to provide it. FACT:there is a worldwide nursing shortage.If we continue to perform work whilst unpaid just to meet the workload then in turn we make the situation worse for ourselves in the long run.What should we do? As a collective continue to submit written complaints citing patient acuity and numbers every single shift you work which is inadequately staffed and send it to your unit managers.Keep your own personal diary describing your workloads and events.Prioritise your workload,perform the essential tasks first.Since when in the rulebook does it say your patients must be showered on the day shift?I say these things because a tired and unhappy nurse can and does make mistakes!You MUST think about yourselves and ensure that your practice is safe practice.Allow the patients to make complaints and encourage them to send their letters to the powers that be.DO THE PAPERWORK so that you and your colleagues get paid overtime ALL THE TIME! It is true when they say that the "squeaky wheel gets the oil".It takes time but in the end you'll benefit.After all, are the managers going risk a big law suit if something happens to a patient as a result of poor staffing?If you have the documentation at least you cover yourself.You should discuss these problems with your unit manager and colleagues.Do you have unit or ward meetings as the forum for issues?This i'd encourage as well.Nurses work effectively as part of a team and as such need to work together to solve problem issues and HELP each other out!If you don't ask you won't receive. After twenty years though i still would like an alternative career - but then again i've been thinking that since i was a second year student! It does have its rewards.
  3. What will be interesting is how much the public girls will really get at the end of it all. Will the staffing shortage be resolved? What benchmarks will you have to meet because of the pay rise and will you be given any paid hours for educational needs and upskilling? Yes we all deserve the pay rise because goodness knows how long Queensland nurses have been left behind some of the other states with regards to pay for years! Now us private nurses will have to wait on Ramsay to see what their offer will be when all is said and done.Gotta admit though,after giving the public system fourteen years of loyal service in Brisbane, QLD nurses need the pay because you certainly are not appreciated for all the effort that you put into it by the system! You Go Girls! :rotfl:

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