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  1. soloflex

    Green Card

    The 6 month length of my stay was only a verbal agreement between me and the legal assistant who fixed my papers. He told me I can go ahead and work elsewhere if I want to but the problem is, he's denying that he said that to me. The job offer contract states that my period of employment is permanent unless terminated for a cause or by voluntary resignation of the employee. So when the petitioner (employer) found out that I was applying for other jobs, thay are asking me to sign a 3 year contract with them. What should I do? Am I bound with the job offer contract that did'nt clearly state how long I'm going to work for my petitioner or can I resign if I choose to? Pls. help me.
  2. soloflex

    Green Card

    Hi Suzanne4! I came here in the US on an immigrant visa. I agreed to pay for my papers and all expenses with the knowledge that I'll only be tied with my petitioner for 6 months. Now 6 months later, my employer is asking me to sign a 3 year contract with them which I did'nt sign. What I only have is a job offer contract with my signature on it and that's it. How soon can I switch employers after getting my green card? By the way I got my green card last Sept. of 2005 and I started working during that time too. Thanks. Pls. advice me on what to do.

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