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I am 30 yrs old, a BSN-RN graduate in the Philippines. Im also a mother of two boys ( 6 & 4). I have a license in Missouri.

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  1. avolensky

    verbal order not carried out

    I am so nervous at this moment..i dont know what to do.. I work in med surg going in my 2nd year now..but still learning a lot. Today is my day off and I just received a call from our charge nurse...asking me if I received a telephone order from a certain doctor and forgot to write it down...Indeed I did!!! To make the story short, this doctor called and asked to put back the foley cath of his pt (which he ordered to be d'cd earlier, but then the pt could not void and started hurting so I paged him for that.) He also ordered to consult another doctor. I did insert the foley and the pt was relieved...but i failed to write those orders down. So he did his rounds this morning and according to my charge nurse he was very angry and asked for an incident report to be written about this. He also wrote down in the progress notes that "nurse did not write the consult." My nurse manager asked our charge to call me about this. Now what am I supposed to do. ..I am scared. I feel like I cannot go to work again and face everybody, more so this doctor. I understand it is my mistake...
  2. avolensky

    Query on Lovenox Administration

    This may be a basic topic to all, but I find it very interesting being new into the practice of nursing..so im learning from you all. I just cant help myself from saying this...keahi north hi, i think you should use the word "dear" in a more appropriate manner... Keep up with posts like this...
  3. avolensky

    nursing documentation

    Its been a month now since I started with my orientation and my preceptor is slowly letting me go on my own...but I feel so unsure at most times with what Im supposed to do...Im good with establishing rapport with my patients and their families but I feel that I have to learn more as far as their care and cases are concern...I see my preceptor answer all their concerns and questions spontaneously..I wish I can do that too... I feel tense and nervous each day that I go to work not knowing what cases I will be facing each time...And at the end of the shift, I keep on thinking back if I have done all the things that Im supposed to do..documented and all...plus I have this problem also with writing the nurses notes...I am not sure at times if I have properly worded it (legally safe and all..) Dont get me wrong..I like learning things..I guess I just want to vent out my feelings of ...inadequacy...that somehow, later on I will be good with what I do..coz right now I know that I have a long way to go..and lots to learn.. Did any of you feel this way too when you were just starting with nursing?
  4. avolensky

    Tips on proper documentation

    ooopppsss....I mean "two" days...sorry.
  5. avolensky

    Tips on proper documentation

    I finally set my foot in the med surg unit for to days last week...I was so nervous at first being out of nursing for a while..and this is my first exposure to a US hospital too. I just wanna ask for some tips about proper documentation. ..the do's and dont's. I would really appreciate it and put it to use. Thanks!
  6. avolensky

    Help on medications

    Hi!!. Finally I will start working in a med-surg unit. I went to the hospital yesterday to do the paperworks..so far so good. I learned that during the orientation we will have an exam on medications..anyone of you who can guide me on what particular medications that I can include in my review..id really appreciate it. This is my first job..Im concerned about the "old eating the young"...which I read a lot in this site.I hope I wont get that experience. Im concern about a lot of things like the medications which I am not familiar with, the clinical skills ( the hospital setting we have back home is totally different from here), know-how with the modern facilities..etc...its endless. If you have any advice for me..now that "the day" is coming near..It would certainly be welcomed. Im from the Philippiness and I dont know anyone here yet with whom I can let out my concerns. Its good I found this site. Have a nice day to all.
  7. avolensky

    RN moves from non medical to medical nursing

    Hi! I am too going into med surg on the 22nd of this month. My experience is with community nursing back in the Philippines. I am excited but scared as well knowing that my clinical experience is not enough. I would really aprreciate if you can share with me how it is / what happend on the first few days that you got in...That would truly somehow ease a bit of the tension..I dont know anybody here yet..I just keep logged on to this site to voice out my concerns. What preparations did you do? Hope to hear from you.
  8. avolensky

    Immigrant Nurse

    Hi! When are you coming here? I am in Houston Texas, got here a few months ago with my family. I hope we can stay in touch...I have two kids too, both boys.. Moving to a new place is not that easy, i know..but give it time things will fall into place..
  9. avolensky

    need advice from working moms

    I am going back to nursing (finally). I have two kids- 1 in 2nd grade the other in kindergarten. I am confused on the most appropriate hours that I should be working. My husband is away most of the time. I am not familiar with how it works with daycare..since I just got here from the Philippines and Im also worried on how my kids will adjust to this kind of a set up..( sorry, too many concerns to take out).. If any working moms out there can give me insights on how/ what the life style is here with having kids around...If I were to take the morning shift, the problem would be not having me around to get them up and prepare for school since I will have to leave before 7am. If I will take the evening shift, does it mean they will spend the night at another house with the people who takes care of them similar to daycare and again, they will have to leave for school from there..since I wont be home that early to prepare them to school. Is there such thing as working in less than 8 hours a day? Id really appreciate to hear from you working moms out there...and I salute all of you for the good work you do in balancing work and family..one day, id like to be in the same shoes where you are. :)
  10. avolensky

    Need experience..

    Thank you all for taking time to respond to my post..i really really really appreciate it especially at this time...yes, im considering med-surg for a start. I was reading the newspaper and found out about refresher course. I enrolled myself in which takes about a week. It has clinicals too so I think this will be a lot of help for me. They said they can also help me find work afterward. Thanks again!!!!
  11. avolensky

    Need experience..

    I got my license in nursing back in 1993, was not able to work then coz i had to raise two kids..anyway, now im making a reentry in nursing. just got here in Texas recently with my family.. Now, im looking for a nursing job, the problem is I dont know which area to start...(i would really want to be in OR though). and the job openings that I saw needed experience...I even had an interview once and was told the same thing and told me that im practically like a "new grad" which i think is acceptable. I wonder how I can make this possible for me. I am keeping myself informed by reading medical books, but i think what i need right now is a "real" hands on" experience.. If anyone could please advise me on what steps to take, id really appreciate it.
  12. I really ENJOYED knowing all you have written here..as I am just about to reenter nursing again..without much experience before..I just cant imagine what "FIRSTS" I have to go through this time. But reading topics like this gives me ideas and this is a great tool for learning as well.
  13. avolensky

    Anyone here from Houston, TEXAS

    HEllo there. My name is Joanne. Im from the Philippines but will be moving to Houston too by July with my family...it will be a new start for me... I know somebody who can assist you with finding a hospital for you. Let me know if you are interested. She helped me too in processing my papers. Hope we can be friends.
  14. avolensky

    Foreign nurse here...

    Thank you so much for your replies. Im new to this site and Im really glad that you spent time to post a reply. Im glad, that you get to work with people from my country and fine it ok. A lot of Filipino nurses are in the process of migrating to your country for work. There are a lot of hiring this time. I guess what lures most of us to leave home and work is the fact that we get better pay, a lot more.., in your country. At this time, we don't have a shortage in nurses in the Philippines. As a matter of fact there are still a lot of unemployed nurses here. I hope when I finally get to set foot in a hosp. I will get to be with nice poeople like you who welcomes newcomers. I have read some stories about problems in work re: newcomers not being "welcome" so much and wont get help easily...that's what Im scared of. If its not too much to ask,can you advise me on how / where to get a refresher course and training of different skills.We will be staying in Houston, Texas. Id really appreciate it.
  15. avolensky

    Foreign nurse here...

    Hi.I wonder how you feel and what your thoughts are about the presence of foreign nurses from anywhere now working in your country... I am an RN from the Philippines but I also have my license in Missouri though I was not able to work there at all. Soon, I will be going back to U.S. to work..Im so excited about it. I really would like to hear to read your responses.
  16. avolensky

    Shortage solution

    I am truly touched with what I read and all the replies that you got. I am also a nurse-graduated 1992 but only had the chance to volunteer as an ER nurse for a few months. I had to let go of my career for years to take care of my two kids. But pretty soon, I will be back, finally to make this dream come true "being a nurse". But my problem is I am afraid of going back knowing that I have been "lost" for a long time. But I share your thoughts on being a good nurse in the truest sense of the word. I really just hope and pray that when Im there again, I will not experience the "old eating the young" We all had our beginnings. If and when I surpass this entry..I know I will always remain true at heart as being a nurse.