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RN1981 has 5 years experience and specializes in Hospice, OB, Telemetry.

As of May 2012 I am 30 years old. I have been a nurse for almost five years. I love my family and friends and I try to love everyone else.

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  1. RN1981

    No Bowel Movement in Three Weeks

    Thanks guys for your tips, especially that cocktail. We're having IDT today so I'll discuss it with the team before moving forward.
  2. RN1981

    No Bowel Movement in Three Weeks

    I have a 60-something year old male patient whos primary diagnosis is Prostate CA. He is very weak and basically lies in bed all day and eats a couple bites of peaches or applesauce daily. He is also on Oxycodone 5mg every 4 hours for pain and Roxanol 1mg as needed every two hours (which he takes maybe a few times daily) His wife works and the only person there with him is his son during the day but luckily the wife works close by so she can run back and forth when needed. My problem is this patient was admitted almost about four weeks ago. He had just had surgery (stent placement) and hadnt had a BM in a few days. I figured no big deal at that point since he was already on Senna to soften his stool and he probably hadn't eaten for a few days. The next week he still didn't have one so I checked him for impaction. I got an extremely tiny amount of soft stool out. I gave a Fleet enema with no return. I started him on suppostories daily until BM. The next week still nothing and I find out his wife was giving suppostories but no Senna anymore (even though I had written the instructions down). I checked him for impaction (only got a tiny bit of stool out) and I gave a mineral oil/fleet enema with no return. He is not able to bare down at all. Stomach was slightly distended but still soft but bowel sounds hypoactive. So I started him on mineral oil 1tbsp two times daily until he has a BM (I figured once he had a bowel movement we could take him off since there's an aspiration risk). So I called today and still no bowel movement! He said the mineral oil made him sick and I have no idea if hes been getting the Senna since his wife was not there. I visit him again tomorrow and I'm at a loss. What do I do? I am starting to think he may have a bowel obstruction and one of the docs needs to visit him...
  3. RN1981

    Comfort Measures ONLY

    I'm a hospice nurse and we also have a list of standing orders under our Medical Director. But we're a home care team and we're basically out there on our own in the home and we don't have an MD around. So it's really nice to be able to order things such as Oxygen and Benadryl and the like without trying to phone an MD for every little thing.
  4. RN1981

    Oh wow! I'm going to be a nurse!

    Probably not till I passed NCLEX lol. Congratulations on your realization early. It will help you get through.
  5. Co-signing swirlything. All that matters in the end is that RN license after passing NCLEX.
  6. Thanks guys for the encouragement. I'm only taking two classes now and it's extremly difficult to keep my head above water with weekly quizzes, reading assigments, research papers, and tests and then keep on top of my caseload at work! I feel like my head is gonna explode sometimes lol. I'm gonna finish it out for this semester though. mustlovepoodles, that was a wonderful response to go with. That's how I'm going to put it. Thank you all for your help and encouragement guys!
  7. In November I took a job as a hospice nurse. I was told it was M-F 8-4:30. I'd be on call every fifth weekend. I was told that we have an on-call nurse for during the week although when she is off the other nurses do have to pick up the slack. I told them I was going back to school in Jan 2010 to work on m BSN. They asked me would it interfere with my work schedule. I said no. Boy was I wrong! I love the job! I really do. I love my patients, the driving and chill-out time I get to do in my car inbetween patients, and I really like the people I work with. But I'm exhausted. We're short staffed (apparently it's really hard to find hospice nurses due to the on-call component of the job), w're crazy busy (we get tons of referrals everyday) making all the nurses stressed out, the charting is insane (apparently we're the only ones around doing some special charting called Guidelines to make sure we meet Medicare standards), and the on-call nurse is on leave (so we're all rotating weekday call in addition to our weekends). Meaning if somebody dies or has pain at 0230 in the morning then you have to get out and go take care of them even though you're expected in at work at 800 in the morning. It's a lot. Plus it can be emotionally draining. I really feel that with school and other things going on in my life I need to be part-time (three days a week and of course doing on-call). I don't plan on broaching the subject until late March/early April, letting them know I'll have to cut back starting May 1st (summer semester starts). What do you guys think? Would you be pissed if you were my team? We all depend on each other and it's not a regular nursing job where you just do your shift and go home. Often you're staying over and charting on a patient after you're officially supposed to be "off". Or you're at home writing out your schedule for the next day and trying to remember what to do for what patient. It's a full-time job PLUS. I can't work full time plus and finish my degree and have a life. I love the job (and that's the first time I've ever been able to say that since I became a nurse!) but I need to cut back. In my situation what's the best way for me to proclaim my love for the job, but let it be known that I simply cannot continue to work the schedule I currently have and ask to be switched to part-time status.
  8. RN1981

    Am I going to regret being a nurse?

    You'll be FINE. Nursing isn't aout selling anythig to people. It's about CARING. If you can do that, you'll be a fine nurse.
  9. RN1981

    OU Nursing vs. UMich Nursing

    Really, all that matters is that you have your RN license and that you got a solid foundation wherever you went to school. And I can testify that both U of M and OU graduate great nurses. So if I was in your position, I'd go with OU and save the money for something else like grad school at U of M if you decide to go further in your education. But ultimately, of course, it's up to you. Good luck!
  10. RN1981

    Question for U of M Flint RN to BSN Students

    Thanks for the info AnnaN5. When you took NUR 308 (Nursing Research) how many papers (if any) did you have to write? And the website says there is a 45 credit requirement of UofM Flint classes to complete the program. Are you only taking NUR classes? Have you taken any electives besides nursing classes to complete your degree. Any info anybody else has would be appreciated.
  11. I am working five 8's in hospice home care. I have weekends off BUT every fifth weekend I am on call alllllllll weekend. I am just starting the RN-BSN program. I currently have 9 credits lined up with NUR 369 (Transcultural Care), NUR 202 (Health Assessment), and NUR 308 (Nursing Research). I am taking them all online. For people who have taken these classes, is this a workable load? Did you feel overwhelmed? Should I cut it down to two classes for now, and if so which ones? (Note: I plan to go to part-time status at the job starting in the summer or fall)
  12. RN1981

    Hospice Opportunities in NYC

    I'm talking Manhattan, Queens. Brooklyn, and the Bronx. I won't be moving to New York for a couple of years but as always I like to look ahead. I was just wondring what are the best places for a hospice nurse to work in NYC, both home health and residence. If you currently work here, could you please fill me in on where you work and what it's like (typical day, case/pt load etc). Thanks.
  13. RN1981

    The right car

    You have helped meso much with this post! I live in the Detroit area as well. So I was thinking if I did get another car, what kind would I get? It definitely has to be able to deal with the Michigan winter and handle well in snow, sleet and rain. At first I was thinking a compact car like a Civic, Focus, or G6, then I heard from someone that the Civic and other compacts don't handle too well in the rain and snow. So I was thinking about another Subaru or perhaps a Jeep Liberty. I might get a pre-owned car to cut down on cost if I end up having to sell it in 2-3 years anyway. All of you guys have been so helpful. Thanks!
  14. RN1981

    The right car

    You guys have helped tremendously. The reason I was thinking about leasing is because after I finish my RN-BSN program (hopefully by 2012) I am planning to move to NYC. For the most part, you really don't need a car in the city, especially Manhattan. Now I obviously can't look into the future and tell when I'll be able to move and exactly what borough and what job I'll have, but it is possible that I might have to get rid of the car right after I bought it. Otherwise, I would go ahead and buy a new car no questions asked! So right now I'm gonna go ahead and stick it out with my beloved Subaru. As time goes on, I'll decide what to do!
  15. RN1981

    NYC Home Care Nurses-Do They Need A Car?

    So you're assigned by borrough? Thanks for the info!
  16. Interested in moving to NYC one day, as well as doing some form of home care nursing. Is a car needed or is one able to navigate by use of trains?

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