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tmcwharton RN has 5 years experience and specializes in Emergency RN.

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  1. tmcwharton RN

    Portfolio for FNP in Frontier's FNP Program

    Hi there just wondering what else you were able to find out I'm looking at the same route. Thanks
  2. tmcwharton RN

    ADN RN wanting NP, ARMY ?? NAVY ??

    Thanks a ton to everyone posting, I appreciate all of the honest feedback this is a decision I will not take lightly and I have just started in the process. From what I have looked into so far and one chat with an AMEDD recruiter it sounds like my best option is Army Reserve. He said it would be difficult for me to advance my rank due to my age 38 and other factors. So I'm considering the 3yr obligation for service. Here come questions. 1) I'm located in Whitefish Montana how do I find out what unit I would/should be associated with, look into their deployment history etc. If I'm a student in the reserve the only way to avoid deployment is to be in the STRAPP program correct so I need to be prepared?? 2)It sounds like the application process is long if I begin this I have not actually raised my right hand yet I have to be accepted first correct ? 3) OBLC is a ten week commitment when does this get scheduled and or how long do you have to do it? THANKS
  3. Equusz and Anyone Else I would really like to hear more about how thing go for you I'am very early in the process I will probably take Stats in the fall as my wife is finishing her LPN and gotta get her done first. I'm a little concerned I have to go through the portfolio review process as I have a previous bachelors degree with a lousy GPA, meet requirements with my ADN GPA but probably near the lower end. I have 5 years ER nursing and house supervisor exp. this would be SO ideal for me and want to do everything I can to get in. These forums are packed full of great info, I'm going to start working on my portfolio soon so I can really do it right. If anyone has suggestions or info on this I would be SUPER greatful. Thanks
  4. tmcwharton RN

    A day in the life. Military Nursing

    Hello Army FNP72 I'am an ADN RN considering military service while pursuing my FNP. I'm curious if you found it difficult to get into the nurse corp as an FNP from what I have read there are not a lot of spots. I would have to enter as a reservist and then transition once I complete MSN / FNP aren't their any orthopods using NP's. I also have a family so obviously that factors in my wife is a nurse as well it seems like their would be great experience to build I'd rather just work clinic when I'm done anyway had enough ER. Have a great day Thanks
  5. tmcwharton RN

    Statistics Prerequisite for Frontier School

    Thistle Thank so much for the reply this is really encouraging. The application is definately BIG I just found out about the process today I was excited about the bridge but this is even better. I would love any input about the application itself. Are you in the middle of the program ?? Good for you, I have a few months to get my wife through her LPN and then I can get into the swing of stats but I will start working on the application. Thanks again for the input
  6. tmcwharton RN

    Statistics Prerequisite for Frontier School

    i am aplying for the fnp track and have not yet completed my portfolio. hi barb this is an old thread but i was just wondering if you or anyone else had applied with the portfolio review, this seems like an excellent opportunity for someone like me previous bachelors degree (but lousy grades) adn (3.8 gpa) 5 years as an er rn. i have to take the stats class but then will more than likely apply, but i'd love to here from people who have gone through the process it would be so great not to have to spend more time and $$$$ getting a bsn before proceeding further thanks todd
  7. tmcwharton RN

    GPA for Frontier's ASN-MSN Bridge?

    Hello does anyone know about other prereqs, my GPA is good I have plenty of experience but my ADN program did not require Bio Chem or Chem ? I have made a few phone calls to Frontier but I haven't gotten through yet.
  8. tmcwharton RN

    First hand information on the Army Reserve STRAP program

    Obviously I really need to sit down with a recruiter but from what I hear making contact with a health care recruiter is difficult. So I guess my question is does is make more sense for me the enter Army rather than the reserve (loan repayment is better) I have a previous bachelors degree non nursing so I would enter as a comissioned officer correct ?? Enroll in the STRAP program transition from an ADN RN (Currently) get my MSN / FNP using strapp funds and then I could change my unit / status (sorry not good with ARMY Lingo) to the Nurse Corp. But in reading additional threads it seems that there are few spots for NP's. Final question for now is if I'm a full time student I would be changing my status so I could not be deployed during school correct. HAVE A GREAT DAY THANKS FOR ANY HELP TODD
  9. tmcwharton RN

    First hand information on the Army Reserve STRAP program

    Does anyone know how the Strapp program works if you are pursuing a MSN/FNP their are several bridge programs around which allow you to bypass the BSN if you have a previous bachelors degree and get a MSN/FNP without the BSN. Are you entering the reserve as an officer ?? What happens if you transition out of reserve into active ?? What is the best way to contact an AMEDD recruiter Thanks TODD
  10. tmcwharton RN

    ADN RN wanting NP, ARMY ?? NAVY ??

    So am I able to enter the reserve as an officer? Then when I get my MSN how does it work if I transition to active, are you still required to meet the same training requirements when you are in school and in the reserve ?? Thanks a lot for the reply Todd
  11. tmcwharton RN

    ADN RN wanting NP, ARMY ?? NAVY ??

    Hello I'm new to the forum so please excuse my babling. I have read a lot about ARMY/NAVY nursing. I'am a 5 yr ADN RN with a previous bachelors degree non nursing. Currently I'm looking in the Frontier School ADN - MSN bridge program with the end result being CFNP. All of my experience has been ER / ICU with ER emphasis currently working as a supervisor in MT. I'm interested in GI Bill type thing but I really don't know where to start. Problem one, the ADN but can I sign on for what sounds like a 6yr commitment as an officer but then be inactive while I get my NP. From what I have read it is a long process but is this to go active ????? Does it take this long (sounds like 12+ months) before you can start collecting on loans?? Also I'm 38 with 2 kids so the plot thickens. Thanks to any and all who can help. Todd RN

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