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  1. maddy3030

    I didn't get all this education to wipe behinds!

    my opion on this subject is ,i wouldnt ask any one to do something i wouldnt be willing to do myself, also i believe that patient contact is vital in nursing to develope a theraputic relationship and also enables us trained nurses to fully assess our patients rather than someone else calling us to look at patients lying on a bed behind a curtain to see something we would have noticed if we were giving them the full care we are responsible for!!!!!! sorry but if i was in hospital the last thing i would want was someone telling me to lay still half naked whilst they go get a nurse to veiw my butt or summit.
  2. maddy3030

    Post-Open Heart Surgery Job

    hi i work in plymouth at derriford, we fast track our pts and nine times outta ten they are extubated and on chdu within 24 hours. apart from the odd few. my unit has an extremly fast turn over six cases a day or more sometimes is this what you are looking for?
  3. maddy3030

    swan ganz

    hi, can any one tell me the correct procedure for the removal of a swan ganz and if the patient must be placed flat or at a 30degree tilt for at least 15mins post removal?

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