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  1. Lee75

    Nurses in Patnership, Inc?

    Thanks so much for the info. One other question, Did they provide you with pots/pans, linens, ect?? The recruiter that I was talking to said that these things were not provided. All of the companies that i have worked for in the past provided me with these things. However, I am on assignment now with a company that didn't provide these things. It's so much nicer to not have to pack your car with all of these things. (dishes, shower curtain,towels,vacuum, ect) thanks again.
  2. Lee75

    Nurses in Patnership, Inc?

    Hey Has anyone worked for Nurses in Patnership out of CA?? (or do you know anything about this company) Any info. is greatly appreciated.
  3. Lee75

    Traveling to Asheville, NC

    Hello Has anyone ever worked in Asheville? If so, which companies staff there? How are the hospitals? Any info. is appreciated!
  4. Lee75

    Onward Healthcare

    Anyone heard of Onward Healthcare? What do you think of them? Any info. greatly appreciated.
  5. Lee75

    Ultimate List Of Travel Companies

    thanks for the link. It's the first i see of this article; very interesting.
  6. Lee75

    CEUs for CNOR

    thanks to both for the info. I appreciate it.
  7. Lee75

    CEUs for CNOR

    Is that every year? every 5 yrs?
  8. Lee75

    CEUs for CNOR

    How many CEUs do you need to keep up CNOR? thanks.
  9. Lee75

    American RN moving to London - Help!

    Hello I am a US RN who lives in England, however not working. When I moved here a year ago, I applied for a UK nursing license. Well, my paper work got lost in the mail from Louisiana to here. Then, the hurricane hit and I couldn't speak to anyone at the board. So, I gave up. Anyway, I will tell you start now b/c the application process takes some time. You will also be required to take an English test. (Yes, even though you are American and speak English) I suggest you talk to a travel company. Someone told me that it's a lot less complicated if you go through a travel company. (i think they handle a lot of it for you; license,ect.) Here are a few companies that do travel assignments in the UK: www.ogradypeyton.com www.msntravelnurse.com www.supplementalhealthcare.com Hope this helps. Good luck!
  10. Lee75

    Seeking info on Clinical One

    Thanks, I appreciate the info. I'll check them out.
  11. Lee75

    Anterior/Posterior Spinal Fusions

    I have worked in lots of ORs and I have never counted instruments and implants. You would be there all day counting all of those implant bits. We always just shoot an xray. Most surgeons want an xray afterwards anyway.
  12. Lee75

    UK nurse seeking advice about work in USA

    Jamie, Do you have a working permit to work in the US? Don't you need to have a hospital sponsor you? I have a friend from Canada who wanted to do travel nursing in the US and had trouble going through the agency. If you having a working visa, i would say that you would come out better going through an agency. (higher pay and apartment provided) However, without working permit/visa, you may run into trouble. Sorry I can't be more help. Good Luck!!
  13. Lee75


    Frocker 13- Don't get discouraged; you are not the only one and you will pass. Have you heard of the Hurst Review? It's a 4 day review for the NCLEX given by a lady named Marlene Hurst. She's excellent! I took it 7 yrs ago and learned a lot. She garantees you to pass. Everyone I know that took the class passed the NCLEX. If you fail, she gives you a free one on one lesson. You can also do her class online now. Check out her website for more info. www.hurstreview.com Hope this helps. Best of Luck! You will pass.
  14. Lee75

    have spouse, will travel?

    Hello I don't know much about a career in communications but your fiance' would have to find contract work. It definitely would not be a good idea to teach b/c as you said assignments are short term. It would not look good if he was starting and quiting jobs every few months. (probably wouldn't get a good reference from the previous employer when applying for the next job) He would probably have to be flexible and possibly willing to do work unrelated to his degree. Do a web search for contract companies with short term work. I traveled for 6 yrs when I was single and now I'm married and about to start traveling again. My husband is a dentist and is hoping to be able to find short term work at local offices where ever I end up. But, who knows, it may not work out for us either. Best of Luck to you.
  15. Lee75

    Anyone traveled to Nashville, TN

    Thinking about looking for a travel assignment in the Nashville area. Just wondering if anyone is familiar with the hospitals there. Staff nurse or traveler.......any info. is greatly appreciated.

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