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  1. Kristej

    willing to relocate

    South Texas
  2. Kristej

    willing to relocate

    and what area would that be? We are hiring at our hospital.
  3. We are starting this in our hospital, hoping someone else is currently doing this exam and has something to share. Our radiologist feels a nurse should be present due to the medications given and vital sign monitoring, etc. Anybody? Thanks.
  4. Kristej

    Cardiac Stress Testing

    I been starting with a baseline EKG, then starting my exercise testing and when all injections are in, I'm switching to Recovery phase and monitoring for 4 minutes. Don't know if this is too much or what. I think I'm going to redo my sheet with any times so I can make that part work. Seems like Lexiscan reps would have something for us to work with.
  5. Kristej

    Pre - hydration

    Having the same problem and it is really screwing up our schedule. A common CTA is now being hydrated and taking up space and time we just don't have. I have an issue with techs starting the IV fluids, putting the patient in the hallway with a wide open IV running and then moving on to the next patient. Just don't think this is safe. Guess I'm not the only one with a hydration issue.
  6. Kristej

    Cardiac Stress Testing

    I'm just starting to use Lexiscan, but I'm having a hard time with my documentation process. I have an exercise data sheet with the 1 min increments, but Lexiscan is so fast, I feel so out of time with everything. Anyone else experience this when they started using Lexiscan? Anybody wanna share their documentation sheets? My rep wasnt' available to walk thru one with me, so I'm just out of time. Thanks
  7. Kristej

    Cath Lab Case Scheduling

    I am looking for some advice on scheduling. I work in a cath lab with 2 labs and an EP lab. We normally do an average of 15 caths per day. We have been having problems with working 14+ hours per day (we only have one shift). We have a problem with MD downtime. Most wait to do their cases until after office hours (2pm) and then don't show up on time. I feel we just plain overbook cases, especially the electives and then cater too much to the MD's office hourse instead of the cath lab hours. I would like some opinions on how others manage scheduling cases in their labs. Any ideas?