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eltrip specializes in Clinical Risk Management.

I'm a wife, a mom, & an RN,

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  1. eltrip

    Charting "Incidents"

    see your pm box
  2. eltrip

    Ten Things A Nurse Doesn't Want to Hear

  3. I started in risk management 3 months ago. I deal with clinical issues only. I start my day off by looking for new entries in our occurence reporting system. If there's something urgent to investigate, I'll look at it briefly. If not, I move on to my folder where I place items in order of priority: current investigations, calls to be made, etc. Of course, if there's a sentinel event (SE), everything else gets pushed to the side to deal with the SE. This is, indeed, interesting work. My brain is continuously working!
  4. eltrip

    Chattanooga area

    tina_72us, let me second Mahage's welcome! I've been in the area for 10 years & love the view of Signal Mountain from my house & the view of Lookout, Raccoon & Elder Mountains on my short commute in to work every morning!
  5. eltrip

    childcare hospitals in middle tn?

    Vanderbilt has a child care center as well.
  6. eltrip

    Tidewater Community College Nursing School

    Does the Commonwealth of Virginia have any sort of grants available to state residents? That, in addition to checking on scholarships, would be worth a try. Good luck to you! regards from eltrip, '81 grad of Churchland High School
  7. eltrip

    Chattanooga area

  8. eltrip

    Should we chart in 24-hour time?

    I've never heard of any facility not using the 24-hour clock. I'm surprised that someone would actually ask for "real person time". I would probably suggest that this person subtract 12 as well.
  9. eltrip

    Chattanooga Hiring Freezes?

    As I understand, nursing is hiring but internal candidates receive preference. I'd go for it. The worst that can happen is that you might not get called for an interview. Good luck to you!
  10. eltrip

    Chattanooga State University?

    Here's their website: http://www.chattanoogastate.edu/ Give them a call. I have heard about waiting lists. You could try UTC's BSN program. I don't think there's a waiting list for this program. http://www.utc.edu Good luck!
  11. eltrip

    Army wife looking for a job in Hawaii, any suggestions?

    You could always try Tripler Army Hospital.
  12. eltrip

    Where are W/C CM jobs in TN or anywhere?

    Check out Blue Cross' website: http://www.bcbst.com They have positions all over the state. I saw a few that specifically requested case management experience. Good luck to you!
  13. eltrip

    How can we protect the nurses?

    I think it's time to consult an attorney about workplace violence. It is also time to try to find a safer position, if at all possible. If risk management won't assist, perhaps your area news outlet will?
  14. eltrip

    Chattanooga area

    I'm crossing my fingers. Things are getting interesting now, with all of the Erlanger budget cuts.
  15. eltrip

    New Grad, New City : No Diversity

    Nashville, TN
  16. eltrip

    GPA Calculations

    Ask the school(s) of nursing you wish to attend what their policy is regarding GPAs. This way, you'll know where you stand.