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  1. zoeintx

    Hand Sanitizer

    DO NOT take chances. Years ago I came up with a + result from hand sanitizer after using it for a 12 months +. I know that's what it was cuz I absolutely was not consuming alcohol any other way. They said they believed me cuz the level was so low but...
  2. zoeintx

    Fed up!!

    I'm sorry you have to go through this hell. I have been free for over 2 years and went through, more than once, what you are going through. DO NOT use alcohol based hand sanitizer or put ANYTHING into your body unless you know exactly what you a...
  3. zoeintx

    Take job in dialysis or OR?

    Good luck to you!
  4. zoeintx

    Take job in dialysis or OR?

    I would go where the work is...dialysis! I have been a nurse for 26 years, 16 in dialysis. If you look for job opportunities you will see lots of dialysis positions with sign on bonuses. I work in a chronic outpatient clinic and can honestly say...
  5. zoeintx

    ETOH based hand sanitizer

    Don't use it. Buy alcohol free sanitizer. I had an "incidental exposure". That is what TPAPN called it when the level was so low and they called my supervisor to see if I had been under the influence of alcohol at work or if I had been using the han...
  6. zoeintx

    I am livid!

    I requested my vacation through Recovery Trek and it was DENIED. I called the BNE and was told they no longer approve out of the country requests. They approved my last two Cancun trips so I don't know WTF is going on. Guess they gotta give one last ...
  7. zoeintx

    I am livid!

    My goddaughter is getting married at a Caribbean resort in the near future. I am so excited for her future and more excited she asked me to be her matron of honor but guess who has ruined our plans. You guessed it...the BNE! I am no longer allowed...
  8. zoeintx

    Seeking TX license reinstatement

    My license was suspended for a year and I successfully petitioned for reinstatement. The year I was off I completed everything that was required to be reinstated and kept records of everything. I am now less than six weeks shy of completing my thr...
  9. zoeintx

    Recovery Trek is not perfect

    I am 4 months shy of my membership expiring with the TxBON!!!! The worst part of it has been dealing with my case manager, DB. This troll is rude and nasty. When I am forced to call her sorry ass she sounds so annoyed and irritated to be bothered w...
  10. zoeintx

    Bad messed up

    The board will find out and most likely offer a peer assistance program. Go with that, do exactly what they say and stay clean. In Texas, if you successfully complete the program, you will not be reported to the board.
  11. zoeintx

    Disclosing former substance abuse for licensure.

    Absolutely not! It is none of their business just as their past is none of your business. You will be persecuted, crucified and hung on the cross. Nurses are to be immune from "character flaws".
  12. I was a charge nurse at FMC for 4 years. All nurses have had to sign a 1-3 year contract when employed. As it stands, since I left my position several months ago I was replaced by 2 travel nurses. They are still there. I guess now they realize how mu...
  13. zoeintx

    Charge RN's, chopped liver?

    I have several years of charge experience in outpatient dialysis. I recently started working for US Renal as a staff nurse. I was asked if I would be interested in a charge position. Of course I said. The catch, it only pays a dollar more an hour. Ho...
  14. zoeintx

    We have been bought out!

    My employer was recently bought out by US RENAL CARE. I do not know much about this company. Anybody out there familiar with it?
  15. zoeintx

    Training at Fresinius

    Thank yall for your responses. I have been looking for employment elsewhere. Davita offered me more than I am making at Fresenius with several schedule options. I am working 13-14 hs a day because my administrator can save a buck by not getting me so...
  16. zoeintx

    what can docs do to us?

    I could not agree with you more and that got me written up one day. I was rounding one am with physician who, once again, was very rude and condescending to me. This time I said something back. Well he had me written up for being rude to him in fron...