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  1. TELEpathicRN

    Ketamine for dressing changes

    We use ketamine for procedures/burn dsg's in our Pedi ER. Our policy states that the MD must draw the drug up and also push the drug. Most MD's go ahead with the versed pre procedure and give something to dry up secretions. I haven't seen it have a negative effect on resp status. It seems to be very effective.
  2. TELEpathicRN

    Again about abandonment during huracane in FL

    You should contact your state board of nursing for their specifics on abandonment, each state varies some. Most states say that if there is nobody to "take" your pts from you and you leave, it is abandonment. Depending on your employer/co-workers, they could call the board and report you. Did you actually leave or did you stay?
  3. TELEpathicRN

    PT Doing wound care?!

    Besides just doing gait training, ROM, etc, PT'S are wound specialists! They are more than qualified to handle these wounds (even the area that it is in). Maybe she needs to see another MD. Also, sedation for dsg changes would make her more comfortable and maybe have no recollection (if they used Versed). I wish your sister good luck.
  4. TELEpathicRN

    Do any of you use PDA'S??

    I was just wondering if any of you ER nurses use PDA'S in your practice and if so, what programs are the best. Are there any free ones out there? I am about to start in a Pedi/gyn ER. I have worked ER before, but it was before PDA'S came in to play. Thanks in advance! :)
  5. TELEpathicRN

    LPN's who can't pass NCLEX-RN??

    I think these are isolated incidents. . May speak for what the nursing school is teaching?? I graduated with my LPN in 97 and RN in 99. I had no problem with the NCLEX-RN and don't know anyone that has failed and were already LPN'S. I would suggest a good review course. Remember when taking boards, your answer should be based on this principle: You are working in Perfect hospital in Perfect USA, you have all the supplies you need, you can always get in touch with the MD, you have all the time in the world to sit down @ your pts bedside and let them voice their concerns, etc.. get my drift?? Good luck to you
  6. TELEpathicRN


    I too have fibro and am an RN. The only thing I am guilty of is not getting enough exercise! I have never been to the ER seeking pain meds and do not take narcotics for pain as they do not work for the pain of fibro!! I work 40+ hrs per week and none of my peers know that I have this disorder. I am about to return to ER nursing after changing jobs looking for one that would be easier on my body, there really isn't one! I am going to return to what I love. I hope all you fellow nurses can learn that pain is subjective and you shouldn't let your beliefs get in your way of treating every patient equally!!
  7. TELEpathicRN

    CPR/First Aid Training

    Is there anyone out there doing CPR and First Aid training for groups? If so, I am just curious what you charge, how you charge (set rate or based on # in group), etc.. looking for any information that could help me get started. Thanks in advance
  8. TELEpathicRN

    Resident in LTC with positive AFB'S

    Thanks for your reply. The health dept is involved, so there is not an option to get a speady culture result. They say it will be 8 weeks. The first one they did was positive! This is the second culture. They say the AFB'S being positive could represent chronic TB and that he had "dead" tissue in his sputum. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that he is not infectious like they say.
  9. TELEpathicRN

    Resident in LTC with positive AFB'S

    Here is a question to all of you infectious dz nurses: Should a resident with positive AFB smears who is on TB prophylaxis (hx of HIV and TB. No fever or coughing) be on any type of isolation precautions in a LTC facility? Thanks in advance for your help.
  10. TELEpathicRN

    Resident in LTC with positive AFB'S

    Here is a question to all of you infectious dz nurses: Should a resident with positive AFB smears who is on TB prophylaxis (hx of HIV and TB. No fever or coughing) be on any type of isolation precautions in a LTC facility? Thanks in advance for your help.
  11. TELEpathicRN

    staff RN's in LTC?

    Does anyone know about the laws in AL??
  12. TELEpathicRN

    Do the state inspectors ever show up on noc shift?

    They came to our facility on a Sunday! I never had heard of them working weekends!! They seem to enjoy suprising people.
  13. TELEpathicRN

    Care Plans an Exercise in FUTILITY??????

    In LTC we heavily rely on the care plan, they are extremely individualized and really give you a picture of each resident. No, we do not have time to sit down and read each and every care plan before we take care of a resident, but it is a good guidline. When I was in school I thought careplans were sooooo stupid, but after 7 yrs of nursing practice, I believe they help nurses develop thinking skills. Just my opinion....
  14. TELEpathicRN

    LTC is getting the best of me!

    I feel your pain!! I am a unit manager for a 58 bed unit with usually 10+ Medicare residents. Everything falls on me! I am responsible 24/7 for the operations of the unit. I was supposed to be M-F 8-4:30, but our admin has decided that we need nursing mgmt in the building on the weekends. Just to enlighten you, this facility only has 1 RN supervisor!!! and that position has only been in effect for about 3 or 4 months!! So, now we are going to have to start doing weekends too. When I first started, I was doing at least 60 hrs/week, but now I just say "screw it" as long as nothing is going on with a resident that needs my attention, I go home on time. I don't worry about the paperwork, it always can wait, residents cant. I do alot of my paperwork at home also. My DON/ADON are very realistic and don't get upset if the paperwork is late. I am very frustrated with my job and am about ready to go back to hospital work. I just want to be responsible for my own actions and that's it!!! Thanks for listening
  15. TELEpathicRN

    Skin Care products

    I am a unit mgr of a 58 bed LTC floor. I am just curious what everyone is using for Stage I's, moisture barriers, and incontenence products. We currently use constant care for mositure barrier and zinc oxide on reddened areas. All input will be appreciated. Thanks!
  16. TELEpathicRN

    Skin Care Products

    Hi, I am a unit mgr for a 58 bed nursing home floor. We have a variety of LTC and short term residents. I was just wondering what type of products everyone else is using for moisture barriers, stage I's, etc... We use constant care or Baza as moisture barriers. Also, we use Zinc Oxide on reddened areas. These products seems to work on most of the residents, but there are some that they do not help. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!