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  1. Epona

    For those working OR who have worked in LTC

    Thanks everybody! That was very helpful!! Yes. I just do not really feel right there. It was a choice between this place (which has been dinged by state for MANY errors and they threaten to write people up for everything), and another facility that has 5 stars, with excellent ratings, but they do not pay as much. The 5 star place is not full time, BUT you get close to full time hours. My gut TOLD ME to go with the better rated facility, but I wanted the full time with the higher pay. So I went with the lesser one. Well so happens the good acility, called me back the other day by mistake really (HR ended up having two copies of my resume, and the head of HR called me). They told me if I ever decided I wanted to work there... that I was welcome. The position I had applied for was still open. They called me back on accident after I had turned down the job three weeks earlier. HR said they were sorry they had called back... just happened a second resume of mine ended up back on one of their desks... Fate I guess. Well I called them back yesterday and yes, they hired me!! So, I start the 5 star facility next week. Money is not everything! Especially in nursing. I value my life and my license! Sometimes you have to go with your gut!!! THANKS EVERYBODY!!! :)
  2. Hello all! I wanted to post this in the general discussion to get input from those who have worked in the field at any point.... I am at LTC facility which as gotten several 'dings' from the state. It has a poor rating. I am new here and orienting. I have over 30 patients who have to get meds at 5 pm and then again at 9 pm. LOTS of meds. LOTS. They also get treatments too. LOTS of them. The CNA's do not do much. SO... how in the world do you pass 100 plus drugs and do all the treatments in 8 hours... PLUS distractions?? The LTC facility that I work for WILL NOT LET YOU STAY past your time... NO OVERTIME.. you get in trouble...you have to be OUT in 8 hours. So HOW are you supposed to do all this?? I use a 'dated' med cart that I drag down the hall behind me with MARS and old charts. No computers (Pyxis) like I am used too. I see rushing and med errors. I do not feel safe here. It seems impossbile to get it all done AND done RIGHT.
  3. Hi all. I come from a Med/Surg, Neurosugery backgorund. I have about a year of solid nursing experience. I was just offered a job at a LTC facillity. The hiring manager said the environment here is going to be VERY DIFFERENT and CALM from where I came from... Level One Trauma hosptial in a big city... now to small LTC facility in the country. I was told I would have 30 patients to manage.... DOES THAT SOUND RIGHT?? I had 4 to 5 on my Neurosurgery unit and I ran my tail off... she said the patients in the LTC were not anywhere as near acute as Brain Trauma patients... she said the worst I would encounter is a UTI... no labs to draw, no IV pumps to run, etc. I have never worked in LTC... anyone have any advice?? They pretty much hired me the same day I went in for the interview. THANKS!!! :)
  4. Good morning. I am scheduled to work roughly four nights a month on my nursing unit. I have worked ONE overnight shift in the past and did just fine UNTIL about 6 AM and then the bottom FELL OUT. I felt light headed and 'swimmy'. They let me leave early and gave me some OJ and crackers to eat. I did eat that night around 3 AM so it was not like I did not eat. Fastforward, I am on a new unit and the shift is rotating... so have to pull some nights. Got one coming up. HOW DO YOU ALL DO IT?? I am somewhat worried I will have that 'spell' again and feel awful. I do not do caffeine nor energy drinks. Any suggestions?? THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
  5. Epona

    RN to Counselor??

    Thanks everyone! Yes! You answered my questions.... I was not sure if I could just counsel without a degree in counseling or if I had to be certified in that... was wondering if the RN degree alone would suffice. Thanks all!!
  6. Epona

    RN to Counselor??

    Hello. I am considering going from a hospital RN to hanging my shingle and working in counseling. I have two degrees (one being my BSN degree). Do I still need to get a degree in Counseling?? Anyone know?? One can open their own counseling center right?? Mulling over the idea... what do you think?? THANKS! :)
  7. Great post all! Thanks!
  8. Wow. All wonderful comments! Thanks everyone! :) I was in the OR setting for 3 months. Scrubbing and circulating. I thought I was finally starting to get the hang of it and WHAM got word today... nope... you are gone. No issues were ever mentioned except communicate when I have to use the restroom. I personally think they were digging then to stir up the pot. I got fussed out for having to use the bathroom (posted on this in an earlier post). Anyway, as far as PERFORMANCE issues, nothing was ever brought to my attention. As far as 'doing the one task at a time,' YUP- that is me. You pegged it right! THANKS EVERYONE for the ideas and support!! :)
  9. Hi all. I have had a few nursing jobs (Med Surg, Urgent Care, OR Intern), and none of those jobs have worked out. They are letting me go at my OR Intern program and I was let go at my urgent care job. I am told 'you are not task oriented.' All the cooks can't be wrong. Sadly, I am DONE with Nursing. I am an RN who also has experience in PR, Marketing, and Broadcasting (previous career). What else do you think I can do?? I am looking into Medical Rep. jobs. It's a shame because I did super in school and passed boards first time out, but I am not a 'multi-tasker.' I cannot work and think at the same time. Doing well in school and PHYSICALLY DOING the job are two entirely different things. At least I have accepted failure... at least I tried. I wanted to pick all your brains to see what other avenues might be good for me with the PR and Nursing background. THANKS ALL!!
  10. Ok. 1. No. I was not scrubbed in. I have never broken scrub when I was scrubbed. I have only gone to the bathroom when we were in-between cases. 2. The preceptor left, then I did shortly thereafter. We left around the same time. 3. The circulator was in the room when we left. We were all set-up (not scrubbed in yet, it was actually a clean-contaminated case so it was not imperative we scrub in). Everything was ready, just waiting for the patient. Today the manager was talking to the other Intern in the room, who she has been VERY NICE too. I walked up to listen in as she was explaining how to run the room, tips, etc. and she looked over at me and I said 'I just wanted to listen in.' She looked away and the entire rest of the conversation as she's teaching, talking, she looked directly at the other Intern and never once made eye contact with me. So, yeah... she just dislikes me. Period. I did nothing wrong. I have been in the program since Jan. If there was a 'potty' issue don't you think it would have surfaced by now?? My thoughts exactly. The manager was off her rocker. Some people just don't like you for whatever reason and they pick stupid stuff to harp on. I am out of her rotation and life goes forward. Thanks all.. Happy Easter! :)
  11. I agree everyone. I believe that manager just does not like me. Proof... the manager was supposed to scrub with me (act as my preceptor), and she assigned someone else to do it. She did not want to scrub with me. Yeah. Funny though how things come back to get you.... WELL... the silly manager of the service assigned another girl to scrub with me who was also pretty new. We had a very tough and long case that day. LOTS of instruments and tables. Many specimens. The attending got very upset because we were slow and ran into some issues. The doc. complained. She said to us both "Why are you teaching a brand new person when you are new yourself??" Word got around that we stunk that day. The manager walked in yesterday and said 'DR. X is on my blank list!" She was upset and had a terrible day. See... you reap what you sow!! Had she been there as the more experienced scrub, there would have been no issues, but she did not want to work with me, assigned two newbies on the case... and the attending was furious! It got all around the OR that her service had no idea how to work the case! LOL! Today was much better as the preceptor was wonderful, patient, and willing to teach. That manager came in the room for something and she yelled at me to turn around... I just let it go. I am out of her rotation after tomorrow! Thanks all! Have a good night! :)
  12. Ok. So I have been in my internship for a few months now. So far, not too bad. Well today I got fussed out by a service team manager... why??? Because I went to the bathroom yesterday before the start of a case and today I went before the start of a case (my preceptor wanted to go before the case started and so did I so we both went, YET, I got fussed out). The manager said I had been going all week (yeah, right... not)... and she added that she was told I was gone for 15 minutes... WRONG AGAIN! So... afterwards, I went to my main teachers and spoke with them concerning this. This is RIDICULOUS folks!! I could see breaking IN A CASE yes..... but going in-between AND the room was all set up and we're just waiting for the patient-- we were justing sitting there... come on. I spoke with a co-worker who has been an RN for many years, and she said it sounded like someone was just picking on me and singling me out. I think she is right. One teacher sided with the manager, the other teacher sided with me thinking it was SO PICKY. I also told them I am on 40 meq of liquid KCL daily and have to drink with it, and at times, use the bathroom. I also told them I have NEVER broken in a case to use the bathroom... I only go to the bathroom when there is time in-between cases... I think this particular person is off her rocker! Ok, so WHEN are you supposed to go the bathroom then?? I am on KCL too, so I have a medical need here. Is this how the OR is??? Not a happy camper....AAAAHHHHH!!!
  13. Epona

    On call... 24 hours??

    Wow. That is the pits. That is awful. Sounds like the OR is a nice place to work, but call appears to stink. Guess I will just have to wait and see how it goes. I am always wondering why the hospitals are always looking for OR nurses... maybe it is due to the 'call.' Geeezzz. Ok. Well thanks very much for all the replies.
  14. Epona

    OR Internship... homework???

    Oh my goodness!! I figured it would be some homework, but WOW that is a lot! Good thing I am looking into getting a laptop. Looks like I will need one!!! :) Thanks again!
  15. Epona

    On call... 24 hours??

    Thanks Boxrluvr! I did not know that. All this with the OR is NEW to me. Ok.. thanks a lot for letting me know about the 'sleep room.' And by the way... I like your dog picture! :)
  16. Epona

    On call... 24 hours??

    Thanks so much chickman1004. I was figuring within an hour. So looks like if I stay on after the internship, I will have to stay at a hotel when I am pulling call so I can be there in time. Thank you!!