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  1. 1. Congratulations! 2. my advice is to go interview at the hospital where you want to end up and say nothing about your pregnancy. my rationale is: a) it is really none of their business what is going on in your personal life and whether or not you intend to work on a full time basis or part time basis, based on some future event. b) I think you are kidding yourself if you think you will be hired when you tell them you are already pregnant. You would have to hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit in order to get that protection. c) landing the job and getting your 3-4 months experience before taking a maternity leave will be a chance to show them what a great nurse you are and why they would want to retain you as a PRN or part time nurse following delivery... Going in announcing your pregnancy is just going to be an X against hiring you without them ever knowing your great skills! d) I know you have plans but again they are based on a future event. You might find out you HAVE to work full time, new baby or not. You might find you CAN'T work at all. so go ahead and interview, leave your personal life out of it, get the job you want and then make changes as you need to. It is up to the managers to deal with unexpected glitches like pregnancies. They know about 'em, and they are used to it. YOU don't have to do the manager's job for her... LOL
  2. jov

    References & Recommendations situation??

    a letter of reference stands no matter what the date. if you are approaching school based on your medic experience in the military...well, that didn't go anywhere, did it? You still have the experience, and you still have the glowing recommendations of others who are in a position to judge your work professionally. I would use the letter from the PCP but if you have something really good that's "old" it's o.k. to use it too.
  3. jov

    Freshman in college interested in nursing

  4. jov

    Anyone have an "unsupportive mate"?

    LOL LOL LOL you go girl
  5. jov

    Questions to ask when looking at a school?

    along with the above, esp how many of the original class actually pass NCLEX also ask ratio of students to clinical instructors at clinical sites (8 or less) where are the clinical sites how many instructors are BSNs, MSNs, APRNs, PhDs
  6. jov

    Notes or just highlight

    I don't highlight. I detest the way it marks up books and I sell most of my books back anyway. I take notes during lecture, then go back through the notes from lecture while skimming the chapter, rewriting my notes as I do so. I take the things I don't know and type them up, leaving the obvious things I do know out of the picture, and adding the new things I learned from the book. It's a bear. I hate it. But it's the only way things stick for me.
  7. jov

    Hello, new student

    Just FYI, I had A&P that was almost 20 years old and my school (BSN-state university) took it. They told me if I felt I wasn't up to speed in the subject it was up to me to take a refresher. A&P is supposed to be there to help you pass the nursing courses that follow...
  8. jov

    Anyone have an "unsupportive mate"?

    hmmm... he can't even help out by packing HIS OWN lunch? honey. don't pack his lunch. don't get his coffee ready for the morning. don't wash his thermos. he is a big boy now and he will either go hungry at noon and drink from a stale ol' thermos or he will figure it out without your guidance. Now go back to studying...
  9. Unless you are telling us that it was ONLY men who failed in your program, perhaps you should stay more open minded about this. Male nursing students can fail as well as female ones can. You may not have noticed anything poor about their clinical performance because... you are not their instructor? I think you may be viewing things through a skewed lens. You have posted an emotional message with very little facts, which would be understandable because their performance is not your business. Just posting this to say be careful about accusing nursing programs about having some sort of anger directed towards male nursing students. In my program, we have a track of approximately 60, of which 6 are men and it's been my experience everyone (students and instructors) are pretty happy to have men coming into the field. In fact, they get a little bit too much positive attention... You may have a situation that is limited to your nursing program alone. JMO
  10. If you are having a Hep B vax done at your physician's office, they could call and see if the benefit is covered by your insurance company. Otherwise you could call the insurance company directly by looking for a customer service number on the back of your card. You want to "verify benefits." Other places to get Hep B vax would be your health department or a traveler's health department. And yes, it might be a problem if your plumbing company employer found out you were in nursing school. At the very least, they would be less likely to invest in you, from a purely logical point of view.
  11. jov

    Why are RN/SNA great judges of character?

    are you serious?
  12. It is interesting that the thread is titled: How I plan to pay for nursing school IF I have to use all loans- or The SUNNY PLAN! when really it should be How I plan to keep rolling over debt for nursing school... I think the salient point to keep in mind is even after all these financial shenigans, at the end of the road there is a loan to be repaid back that has also been acruing interest all this time. So I am not sure I see the benefit in this loan paying this loan when there is another loan that is not being paid at all and its interest is not being included in the equation, ya dig?
  13. jov

    Loans And Credit

    ahem. your living expenses now include payments on outstanding bills (credit cards, medical...). thus you spend more than you make It is irrelevant how you got there. the real question is what are you going to do about it now. no one is criticizing but these are the facts of your financial situation as you posted them. You cannot make financial decisions based on emotions OR excuses. you would be wise to investigate some financial sites that deal with getting out of debt and the roots of overspending. http://www.suzeorman.com/igsbase/igstemplate.cfm?SRC=DB&SRCN=&GnavID=2
  14. every month after the bank pays you, don't you have to subtract your monthly tuition payment AND living expenses AND repayment on your loan, too?
  15. jov

    Do you think grades are universal?

    Since the pay scale and benefits at a university are significantly superior to what a CC can offer, I can see no obvious reason for why you believe this sort of thing would differ from college to college. Perhaps there is something special about your CC that we don't know.
  16. the pelvic fracture doesn't cause the impaired bed mobility but the pain from it does.... got it?