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  1. nursedarlene

    nursing stress

    As a new nurse I find my new job being very stressful. How do you rate your nursing stress??
  2. nursedarlene

    LPN-RN partnership in nursing-a gentle reminder

    VERY WELL SAID!!!!!!! If everyone felt that way nursing would be so much better!!
  3. nursedarlene

    New nurses poorly educated

    I just graduated in May this year, and my experience in clinicals was that there were so many of us ( 10-12) assigned to 1 clinical instructor. We had the oppprtunity to do many procedures, but our instructor had to be with us B4 we could do it. Being that there was so many of us it was hard for us to get to do anything. By the time she would finish up with one student, the nurse would already have done the procedure herself, because she didnt have time to wait. I am a new nurse, and I am very scared in the REAL world. So many things are different in the real world than what you learn in school. Because I never got to do many things in clinical I am unsure of myself. I always get another nurse to go in with me if I am doing something that I have never done B4, and they dont mind it one bit. I work with a great group of understanding people!!
  4. nursedarlene

    Unsafe future nurse! What do you think??

    I went to nursing school with a girl that sounds much like this girl. She always goofed off in class, when we got out of class instead of going home and making notes and studying, she ran the roads till late at night. And it never failed that the night B4 a test, she would call me and want me to help her study, or want to photocopy my notes. She passed every semester with a C. She was LOUD, OBNOXIOUS, RUDE, and thought she knew it all. We took a NLN competency test B4 we took NCLEX and she passed by 2 points...with a 55. Much to my surprise she did pass NCLEX....I think our instructors were even shocked. It made me wonder if they were just passing people because of the nursing shortage. Needless to say she went to work as a nurse, and had a big bad ass attitutde...she knew everything!!!! She even told nurses that had been practicing for years what they were doing wrong, and what they should be doing instead.Nurses there began to dislike her. Well she had her license for 2 weeks, and made a med error. She had double dosed a pt with a narc. and knew she did, and wouldnt admit it. Luckily another nurse that she was training with seen it, and knew what she had done. Moral of the story is that whether your instuctors or her co workers catch her now, when she gets into the real world, she will be caught....hopefully B4 she hurts someone. She will probably be much like the stupid new nurse that I know and get in trouble soon, and probably end up losing her liscense.
  5. nursedarlene

    crushing pills

    Those are some good ideas.........I use a washcloth on the med cart under my pill crusher.........this seems to help cut down on the noise too.
  6. nursedarlene

    how far do you drive to work

    I drive 25 mi. one way, or about 30 minutes. :)
  7. Hi.....I am a new nurse.....I passed my NCLEX 2 weeks ago. Until I went to nursing school, I have never been a CNA, or worked in health care otherwise. I am currently working in LTC(85 beds), and have been a CNA there for 5 months B4 I passed NCLEX. My problem is that as soon as I passed boards, they gave me 4 days training on the med cart, and I am now on my own. I dont feel like this was enough training for a new nurse. I asked the ADON why I couldnt get more training and she said because our census was low, and we were over budget.(they cant afford to have 3 nurses on the night shift). Due to this, they have cut us back to 2 cna's, and 2 nurses. So this means that the other nurse and myself have to do CNA work on 2 halls. I dont have a problem doing the CNA part, but I am new.....slow....scared......and I check and double check q thing. After doing my med pass...charting....doing labs.....all the other paper work, and CNA work.... then its time for the next med pass, and I feel like I dont have time to check on my pts like I should be. Everyone says that I will get faster, and understand things more, and I will get used to it. Yes......one day I know I will, but until I can I think I need more training.....or cut back on the # of pts that I am responsible for. I have friends who work at the hospital, and have been a CNA for 6+ years, and the hospital gives them 6 wks training....which I think is wonderful. I am wondering is it like this in q LTC facility?? Is this normal/fair?? Please give me your input................Thanks!!!! :)
  8. nursedarlene

    How much do you make?

    LPN Just graduated in May LTC $13.43 N.C.
  9. I just took Nclex PN, and I think I have failed!! I graduated from Practical Nursing in May with honors, but my NCLEX wasnt anything like we had in school!! I could tell that my questions were really hard, then they seemed to get easier. Then I panicked.........I thought...... Oh NO!! I am not doing to good, and it is dropping me to a lower level!! Has anyone ever had that happen to them?? The comp. shut off at 85, and I feel like I needed more time to prove myself!! There is not one ounce of me that feels like I passed this test!! Someone PLEASE give me some feedback............the wait is KILLING me!!! Thanks....Lisa