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  1. RGN1

    'Nurses 4 America'

    With retrogression as it is I wouldn't bother!
  2. RGN1

    Alberta health services- looking for work

    I got hired by just submitting to an on-line posting for an RN permanent position. For sure it's no bad thing to go visit a unit (although in this case I didn't) if they have a posting but you still have to submit on-line. I was already working at the hospital and so was an internal candidate but I have hardly any seniority and that did not cause me a problem because I had outside experience pertinent to the job. If you are the right candidate chances are you will be called but they may already know who they want to give the job to and that can be a problem I know. Just try and match your resume to the job they are posting by ensuring it's easy to see why you think you would be a good fit and make sure your resume is clear, concise and free from grammatical or spelling mistakes. Sounds simple but you would be surprised how many people don't do that.
  3. RGN1

    UK Nurses working abroad

    I think you need to gain some experience as an RN before you make a move abroad. most countries ask for around 2 years minimum and I personally think that's really not quite enough for you to gain the knowledge you need. Right now the world economy is not conducive to getting out the UK anyway so I would plan for a few years of experience in the UK while you research where you want to go and what the logistics in getting there are. It's a good future plan and I don't blame you for wanting out but remember the grass is not always greener and you really need to do a lot of fact finding before you commit to ensure your best chance of not regretting your move.
  4. Here we are more computerised and I am definitely doing a lot less paperwork than I was in the UK. I don't fear the admission anymore - like I used to! I wish the UK Trusts would look at the ridiculous amount of form filling nurses do because I know that I have way more time to nurse now than I did there. I wish for your sakes that management would get a grip and understand the problem and in truth the RCN should be helping get the message across because it really does tie you up way more than it needs to.
  5. RGN1

    Differences between Canadian and USA nursing?

    Welcome to Calgary! Hope you're enjoying our lOVELY spring weather!
  6. If you're giving your notice what does it matter?
  7. RGN1

    Frontline staff to lose jobs

    Not to mention the numerous studies that have been done that prove there is a direct link between nurse to patient ratio and morbidity/mortality of said patients!
  8. RGN1

    ever think you are jinxed

    Had one of those days today!:-)
  9. RGN1

    Lack of nursing "common sense"?

    There is no excuse for bad nursing, period, be you a new grad or not. It's very hard to follow a nurse like that and I can probably, safely say that we've all been there! There is no easy fix either - we can all shout report her but how many of us, hand on heart, have done that when we really should have. It's the culture of blaming the messenger instead of listening to the message. I think that if her care has put pt safety at risk you need to take it higher, otherwise just speak to her, no matter how blankly she may look at you it may well be sinking in at least a little bit. Even better - do you have a clinical nurse educator you can speak to? I found ours invaluable in a similar case, as she approached it form a learning perspective rather than seeming to be management responding to a tattle tale (which is NOT what it is but is what our society often chooses to think of it as) I hope you get it resolved both for yours and your patients sakes!
  10. RGN1

    This blows my mind! Temp license in AB

    Haha! No kidding! Or that 12 years after your original nursing courses you can still hold a pencil!
  11. RGN1

    This blows my mind! Temp license in AB

    I think it's fair to let the nurses practice, they are only allowed to work to the limits of the temp license and the exam doesn't change their practice, it's a qualifying exam but their ability doesn't change because they pass or fail it! I've seen good nurses who have taken 2 or even 3 tries to pass the exam but they were still the same nurse before and after both their failures and their passes! The exam proves squat in terms of how good a nurse you are! In fact I'd go further and say the Canadian exam proves squat period!! :-D
  12. RGN1

    Frontline staff to lose jobs

    Hope it works out for you! These things come in cycles throughout the Western World, as Fiona has attested! You just have to put your head down, do the best you can and wait for it to turn full circle! It just sucks that it's every day Joe public that gets bled dry while the rich get richer and the politicians sit pretty! Did you know that not since Medieval times has the wealth of the world been so unevenly distributed? We're all just serfs again!! :-D
  13. RGN1

    Tax deduction as RN in Alberta

    As a nurse who came from the UK to Alberta I'd say do it!! Cost of living, when all is said and done, is pretty similar to UK, somethings are cheaper, some things are more expensive. Your wage will be better in line to compensate for COL than in the UK though. Especially as you have some years behind you. You get less vacation and there are other issues you may want to think about - such as cost of healthcare (not as many things are covered here as in the UK under the NHS.) Full time here can be horrible - the shift pattern is harder then the UK for floor nurses - the evening shift being 3.30-11.30pm. There are 12 hr shifts (usually day/night) but if the unit is acute that too can be exhausting. I'm trying to put on my sensible hat for you but I have to say that I have been soooooo happy here. Helped by the fact that I recently got a new position (having worked 2 yrs on a very acute unit) where I work 12 hr days at .84 (so no more than 3 days per week) it's Mon-Fri with no bank holidays. I don't think I've ever been happier in my nursing career! The extra time off makes up for the lack of vacation and the 45 min drive to the mountains from my house is fantastic! It's not perfect and you should really do your homework (and your financial math) before making such a life changing decision. If you come with no rose tinted glasses and the right attitude though I don't think you'd regret it. I don't! Oh and don't forget to bring plenty of Marks and Sparks thermals - the weather is brutal in the winter at times!
  14. RGN1

    Frontline staff to lose jobs

    As usual front line staff cop it - what about all those wasteful management posts?? Problem is right now the whole world is struggling, I feel fortunate to have got out the UK when I did but right now there's little chance of getting a job elsewhere as a new grad - possibly with the exception of Australia (?) Of course all the politicians have their nice private health insurance and plenty of money so it won't hurt them! Just the regular people trying to get by whose taxes pay for the MP's perks!! If it's any consolation though I too graduated at a time when there were similar problems in the NHS and I still managed to get a job, it wasn't where I'd intended but it led to better things and ultimately to my escape from the UK!
  15. RGN1

    Let Battle Commence

    as an English ex-pat I really enjoyed watching the game (albeit not live. ) As my sister-in-law is Welsh I enjoyed it even more! :-p :-D