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  1. garciadiego

    I still feel insecure with myself as a nurse after 2 years

    That's OK, I felt insecure for 37 years, then I retired.
  2. My advise is to watch the series "Nurse Jackie", she specifically addresses this problem with her new nurse she is orienting, sorry I don't know which episode,....however it could be the pressure to make small talk that drove her into drug addiction and eventual overdose, which is a good lesson for us all, we should all take heed... Small Talk Is Bad For Your Health, hope this was helpful, good luck.
  3. Well part of the problem is the content of your conversations, sexual orientation, religion, politics.
  4. The only thing that keeps me from cynicism, from anger and from all those other negative emotions is my belief that this is not all there is, there is a moral order and justice will ultimately win out, in the mean time while I have to cope in the world and my 37 years in healthcare experience is that when it comes to healthcare, money is more important than people, it's that simple and this truth seems to be true in politics, insurance, etc. Sorry I can't help you, I think the only thing that will change this Nihilistic world is massive revolt by the masses.
  5. garciadiego

    LTC nurses: Can I hear from you, please?

    Depends where you work but now a days, even in LTC, a BSN is needed or preferred for management positions. Your going to get exposed to a variety of nursing areas in school, you may find something else will grab you other than LTC.
  6. garciadiego

    LTC is making me hate nursing!!!

    There is a limit to "time management"....it is possible to be given so many unrealistic assignments and no amount of time management in hell or earth or heaven is going to help you....I thank the Lord that I was able to put in 37 years working in nursing and able to get out without making any serious mistakes because a incompetent manager gave me an impossible assignments.
  7. garciadiego

    Medication nurse vs. Charge Nurse

    The hospital should have a policy designating roles and responsibilities of med. Nurse and CN. The charge nurse should deal with changes in condition if the med nurse still has to pass a thousand more pills for 25 more patients.
  8. garciadiego

    The right thing

    You are a most analytical Future-, thanks for presenting all reasonable possibilities....mty path is clear, I know what I must do.
  9. garciadiego

    The right thing

    Your right, all you have given me good advice, I'm staying out of it.
  10. garciadiego

    The right thing

    Your right, I have no wish to crucify myself, thanks
  11. garciadiego

    The right thing

    Yes I would have the union but if they are pissed cause I helped her, my name could be leaked, they can retaliate in a way the union can't help, giving me difficult assignments, shifts I don't want. Her incidents reports are for med errors, I don't know if she's made them before. Yes there is another side of the story, I don't know the other side.... I do know there is a double standard, others make the same boo-boos with know consequences. I feel for her, I've been where she is but I don't want to be eaten by the hospital wood chipper. What should I tell? "Sorry, changed my mind, can't help you, get a Lawyer?"
  12. garciadiego

    The right thing

    I have a friend at work who will be fired, she has alot of reports, not all incident reports, against her, unless another nurse can back up her claims that the Hospital, some of the staff, are out to get her, there a double standard, which is true, she is being picked on, it's also true that she has made mistakes but mistakes are supposed to be in a plan of correction and if she couldn't correct them then they should let her go.... anyway she wants me to testify to the union that she is being singled out, at first I said I would, if the union would keep my name anonymous but then I started to question if the union would really keep my name out of it, there could be a leak, I fear if I'm found I could be made to suffer by the hospital. What would you do? Thanks
  13. garciadiego

    Moving down in the world

    Hmmmm......is this true? I'm hired as an LPN but held to RN license? That doesn't compute...and where I work LPNs have less responsibility than RN hence less stress.
  14. garciadiego

    Moving down in the world

    I something work as a CNA now but I don't understand stand, if I have a LPN liscene and am hired as an LPN that's what I am,not a RN or MD.
  15. garciadiego

    Moving down in the world

    Thanks, maybe but I want less responsibility not more.
  16. garciadiego

    Moving down in the world

    What is an OP?