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Otessa has 19 years experience as a BSN, RN.

MSN in Education

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  1. Otessa

    Was I wrong?

    You take over pt care it is your pt & your license. Don't like the other nurse's attitude to be honest-wouldn't want to work with her or care for my loved one.
  2. Otessa

    Telemetry Tech Training

    Hi! Those of you that work on Telemetry/Cardiac Units, what kind of speciality training does your Telemetry/Monitor Techs get in orientation and annual training? Thank you for your reply! Otessa
  3. Otessa

    Night shift syndrome

    A balanced diet and getting some exercise may help - other than that- checkup with your MD?
  4. Otessa

    Are shy and quiet people not allowed to be nurses?

    Don't listen to your snarky extrovert instructor. There are 'some' extroverts that think introverts can't 'make it' in any line of work or aren't quite as smart because we think and react in a different way. They quickly realize that while we shy, quiet people have been listening and making a plan they may have shot themselves in the foot by not thinking through a situation.(I did say some, NOT all) There are many books on the subject of introverts that are successful and how to traverse the business/working world with extroverts without getting stomped on. The Introvert Entrepreneur is an excellent resource on FB
  5. Have these people ever heard of eating breakfast at home BEFORE work?? A mid-morning break-sometime after 9 or 10, yes, before assessing patients?? um, no.....
  6. Otessa

    New Grads-December graduates

    Just thought I'd let you know about new grad opening (s) in Boise, ID-here is the link http://www.sarmc.org/careers-openings.html The deadline is December 23 and you need some supporting documents-good luck!
  7. Otessa

    Start nursing school with a newborn at home?

    Personally I think it would b easier to be pregnant toward the end of your program than caring for your newborn at the beginning. That means you could start trying halfway through your program-good compromise in my book.
  8. Otessa

    A question for those who have been fired?

    The previous employers or co-workers never told you why you were fired "from almost every job" you have had?? That seems a bit odd.
  9. Otessa

    Just hired at Trinity

    Flood this Spring plus oil boom makes housing a challenge and/or expensive.
  10. Do you know anyone still working at the place you both worked for 3 years? That may give you a LOT of insight....... maybe he was fired or quit when asked to leave, etc. Oh, always send a thank you note/card. Have been part of the hiring process and those that didn't write a note/card/e-mail expressing their interest did NOT get second interviews.
  11. Otessa

    what states NEED nurses ?

    https://www.healthcaresource.com/trinity/index.cfm?&template=dsp_job_list.cfm&ijobrowset=1&fuseaction=search.jobList&ifacilityid=10000&cjobattr1=All&ijobcatid=106 There are 107 nursing (LPN/RN) job openings in the Minot, Williston area alone just in the Trinity Health Systems.
  12. Otessa

    what states NEED nurses ?

    If anyone does get a job there you may want to work it in your deal for a place to live. The flood from this past year has any type of rental, including rooms hard to come by as well as the oil boom-hole in the walls rent for $$$.
  13. Otessa

    what states NEED nurses ?

    Live in Wisconsin and there are SEVERAL job openings where I live (not in the middle of nowhere) we hire new grads at times too.
  14. Otessa

    do you wear those clogs?

    They come in different widths. I could see them coming off if you have narrow feet and don't get the narrow width. Only the heal is free, not the entire foot. They are used pretty standardly in the service industry. Never came off my feet for codes, backwards bed moving, etc.
  15. Otessa

    do you wear those clogs?

    Been wearing the Dansko clogs for years-no achey legs or fatigue like when I wore running shoes. They aren't for everyone and you do need to get used to them. Worth every penny!!
  16. Otessa

    What field of Nursing has the least, and most math?

    I loathe math but knew it was important to get through college and work effectively and safely as a nurse. Got a tutor and began to understand math instead of running away from it. Best decision ever! That way you don't limit yourself.