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25 year old Community Health RN - Passionate Scrapbooker!

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  1. Brandy, where is JanLeb?

    1. goodstudentnowRN


      I got my answer. Janleb died May 2008. I am still in shock!!! I have not heard from her in ages and I was very concerned.

  2. BrandyBSN

    Heavily Tättooed: Can I get into nursing???

    I work in a small town, Community Health currently, and in an ER before that. I have a tattoo on my shoulder, and patients never saw it, however we had a tech that had tattoos on the backs of her hands, a respiratory therapist with peace and lover on the tops of his knuckles, two radiology techs and one RN with tribal style arm bands that always show below their sleeve line. I dont think that in this day and age of healthcare professional shortages that facilities can afford to be that picky. If you are licensed, can do a good job at patient care, they need you, regardless of how much ink you have. That being said... nursing schools are a different story. The way the students look does reflect on the clinical program and the school that they are attending. Because they are PROVIDING you a service (by educating you) they can afford to be more demanding. Worst case scenerio, you will probably have to wear a long sleeve t-shirt under your scrub top. yes, there are several make-ups that you can use, but i would not recommend them in a clinical setting. with the amount of times you will be washing your hands, and at times up to your elbows, the make-up is not practical. Even if it the label says it is waterproof, it will fade during the day. It, is also fairly expensive to do your whole arms with every day. Follow the rules to the best of your ability, get through school, and then I doubt that you will have any problems in the workforce. Good Luck, Brandy
  3. BrandyBSN

    Med Errors

    My first med error I made the first week out of school was I gave a patient fortaz instead of rocephin. Dr had written it in generic, and these two drug have very close generic names. No harm to the patient, but I did have to write myself up. I gave Vistaril IV for a patient that has chronic migraines, along with demerol, benadryl, toradol, bumex, ativan and phenergan (all IV as ordered), but I missed the Vistaril being an IM order. I didnt catch that one, but got a note about it in my mailbox. To my knowledge that is the extent of my med errors. I have seen magnesium giving instead or morphine.RNs gave diprovan (as ordered, but our hospital policy says anesthesia must give it) I know there are others, i just cant think of any tonight
  4. BrandyBSN

    "Proving" yourself

    I'd have to agree... they dont have enough to do. If they want to get there an hour early, more power to them! There is nothing wrong with just doing your job and coming home. I don't get paid enough to have to worry about politics.
  5. BrandyBSN

    dog shampoo for LICE!

    I might get some flames for this... but i havent been fried for a while so here goes... I can understand that some families can not afford 100$ to pay for RID. Its expensive. there is a Walmart brand that is a lot less... but that is beside the point. Many of these parents who can not afford to spend 20 bucks on their kids health come to the ER to get treatment. We cant treat them, so they just "dont" treat them. They send them back to school, and infest other children. This makes school life worse for kids that are already labelled as "poor" or low-class. These are the same parents that magically have the money to buy cigarettes, brand name soda and foods, while their children get put to the side with the trash. They have the money to buy DVDs, rent movies, eat at McDonalds, and wear expensive tennis shoes while their kids are barely clothed, holes in the socks and toes of their shoes. They can afford HBO, but can't afford generic motrin for their children temperatures. And I am definately not talking about the parents that are broke-broke... that means NO perks for themselves OR their children. There are public agencies to help these families. I'm talking about the people that complain about been "so poor" yet can afford the finer things for themselves, but not for their children. It literally makes me want to vomit. As far as using Dog Shampoo on your children. I dont care if the "active ingredient" is the same. There is technically roast beef in ALPO... but I am not going to feed it to a child. Its not graded safe for children. Not to mention it is not formulated for human hair oils. I love my dog. She uses my shampoo (vet said that was ok) because it smells good and helps detangle her hair. She could eat my food if we were too poor to buy her her own... but Im not going to share her kibble and wormer pills. those are meant for her, not me, and definately not my child. BrandyBSN:angryfire :angryfire :angryfire
  6. BrandyBSN

    Labrynthitis (VERTIGO!!) Please help me!!

    Yes! I can relate! I had the first ear infection that I had had in atleast 14 years 3 months ago, and am still suffering from the dizziness plus a perfed eardrum. Drink LOTS of water, it helps with the draining, and also swallowing seems to make the pain better (if you are still hurting). I'm past the pain now, but i can't turn my head quickly from side to side, or look up and down very fast. Its been over 2 months, and It is just now starting to be better this week. It is terrible, and I hope you get better very soon. BrandyBSN
  7. BrandyBSN

    BSN or ASN?

    I "Highly" suggest that you search for this subject in the old archives instead of rediscussing this issue. You will find that there are many ways to look at this issue, and groups that are very passionate about each. Please review the old posts. They will answer any/every question you could imagine. Thanks, BrandyBSN
  8. BrandyBSN

    QuadraMed and Need Ideas!

    Our application implementation team is composed of 9 RNs, one from each area of the hospital, one Resp. Therapist, a nurse who currently works in data processing, and one software application educator. They are referred to as "HATs" Hospital Application Team members. I am the "ACE", or Application Content Expert. I am transplanted into this role, as the first "ACE" we had quit prior to going to training in Virginia. Because I had previously worked as a hardware technician for my university I was offered the job. We have started training the end-user staff. Class size is limited to 10 students, and there are both myself, and the software applications educator that are conducting the training. We have spent extensive time on the curriculum, and standardized examples and teaching plans. Those that are familiar with computers do very well, but those that are not are having a very hard time. We have found that a large percentage of the nurses in our facility can not perform basic keyboarding skills, or operate a mouse. We are now in the process of offering an "intro to computers" course. However, often those that sign up -- do not show up for class, which is extremely frustrating. We have no "power" to force nurses to come. Currently I am trying to set up a vendor fair, and am awaiting confirmation from the invites I have mailed out. Ergotron and Dell are our two top picks for carts and computers. We are also testing some tablet PCs, but are finding the Pens tend run away, and data entry is not easy with the program. Dictionary review starts tomorrow. Hopefully I will have some good ideas at the end of the week. Thanks!
  9. BrandyBSN

    schooling required;

    I got my hair cut yesterday, but it has been pretty short for a while. I am in ER every 3rd weekend, and working full time in information systems, atleast until august, then the position may become permanent :) Hugs! BrandyBSN
  10. BrandyBSN

    QuadraMed and Need Ideas!

    I recently changed jobs temporarily, and am now working in information systems. Our hospital bought QuadraMed to use, and after travelling to Virginia for training, I am heading the application team for patient charting and plan of care. I am currently working on setting our hospital assessment documentation as "lists" for electronic charting. The main problem I am having right now, is staff "buy-in". There is a ton of negativity towards computers, and many older nurses are threatening to have a mass exodus. How did your hospitals approach the negativity and apprehension of the current floor staff? Our GO-Live is set for July 15th. I have dictionary review starting next tuesday. Any ideas for making it better for staff? Also, if anyone has experience with QuadraMed, please let me know! Thanks So Much! BrandyBSN
  11. BrandyBSN

    schooling required;

    you wouldn't be required to go to a community college... it all depends on where you apply, and if you get accepted to a university. I can't honestly say that I know someone who has dropped out of HS, and gotten into a 4-year program with a GED, but I know that it IS possible, and I am sure there are members of this board that have either done it, or known a nurse that has done it. Congrats on trying to take this next step to further your education! Hope it works out well for you. Apply where you really want to go, go talk to an admissions counselor... they could put you on the path you need to get the answers you want. BrandyBSN
  12. BrandyBSN

    Maxed out student loans??

    Definately dont put any part of college on credit cards, high rates will kill you. Some universities have "hardship loans" to take out for short-term use, or workstudy... have you looked in to these options? Also, if you have any equity in your home, you could considering taking out a line of credit against property... just make sure you can handle the payments. Normally HELOC (home equity lines of credit) have decent interest rates if only used short-term. I wish you the best of luck. Lack of finances are one of the most stressful situations in life. Take that from a 2002-grad-an-broke RN :)
  13. BrandyBSN

    Maxed out student loans??

    I really doubt that clearing up "recent" credit problems will really do that much for you, as they look at patterns over extended time periods.... School is going to be stressful enough without having to worry about creditors knocking on your door, plus if you default on student loans that sticks to your credit report for years and years. Do yourself a favor and get your debt paid down before this next adventure. It will put less stress on you, and increase your chances of success. JMHO, BrandyBSN
  14. BrandyBSN

    New job! No more hospital for me!

    Congrats Cherry! I hope to be joining you soon in the "normal" schedule of life. I just starting working on the hospital computer system full time in February, getting ready for computerized charting. Its a temp job right now, pay is the same, I still have to work every 3rd weekend, but if the position becomes permanent, I wont have to do that any more. I love working in ER, I love the skills, and the pace, but with terrible staffing, poor morale, and co-workers that call in VERY frequently leaving us high and dry, I can't wait to start something new. I'm being very careful not to burn any bridges though... I might want to re-travel them someday, and definately want to get an invitation back at a later time. Congrats! BrandyBSN
  15. BrandyBSN

    Extra pay for certification or degrees?

    We get a whole 50 cents an hour more for having a BSN, and 25 cents on hour for Certifications. Its better than nothing... but it doesn't make a significant difference in the paycheck, or in the rate I am paying down my student loan debt.
  16. BrandyBSN

    RN school

    ok, i thought that it was somewhere in missouri... and I was trying to figure out which area it was in :)

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