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Married with 1 daughter, currently a hairstylist, wanting to get into the nursing field. I've had "medical experience" by being sick myself starting at age 17... Lots of stuff...

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  1. scizzerin

    What does your Intermediate Care Unit look like?

    I work in a smaller hospital, so we combine our cardiac w/ icu stepdown, it's a PCU.(progressive) we have 20 PCU beds and 8 ICU beds. we have cardiac, trachs, bipaps and others in PCU, but vents only in ICU. In ICU, RN to pt ratio is 2:1 max, and PCU is 4:1 max. Techs are employed with 4 for the whole unit, usually no more than 8 pts per tech. We have LOTS of cardiac caths, since we have a cath lab, and the next closest hospital doesn't, lots of respiratory issues. I LOVE being in a smaller hospital, and everyone works well together. My sis was in a PCU in Cincinnati they had 5:1 patient ratio, but they had only one tech for a 40 bed unit (yikes!) doing q4 vitals! GOOD LUCK!!
  2. scizzerin

    Day in the Life of a Nurse

    I agree 100% percent about the above poster's suggestion to become a CNA. That's what I do now, and I work in an small ICU/PCU. I love it, but a lot isn't what I thought it would be. Lots of poop! LOL! I figured if I can handle to gross stuff and see nurses 'in action', then I can make the decision whether to spend the money for school.(I am) Good luck!
  3. scizzerin

    Soap for Restless Legs Syndrome?

    Man, here I thought ole grandma was getting senile.... She does it and swears by it, but not for RLS, more for general aches & pains.
  4. scizzerin

    What is the point of a uniform?

    I wish we had a uniform! Everyone just wears scrubs, and whatever kind or coor. Housekeeping is the only difference; they wear burgundy. I'm a tech, and constantly get med questions or the pt just starts in on their issue (I'm still in school! Let me get your nurse for you....) I guess in a way, it's good, that my behavior/demeanor makes people think I'm a nurse. But... The guy who whipped his butt out of his gown to 'show the nurse the problem'.....ah, well......Let me get your nurse for you......
  5. scizzerin

    First patient death...

    Thank you, everyone who replied to my post. If anything, it has solidified my intention to be a nurse.
  6. scizzerin

    First patient death...

    Hello all. This seems like the best place to do a wee bit of venting. I had a patient (I'm a tech in an ICU) for 3 12's in a row. She was a crack up and her family was awesome, and I really enjoyed taking care of her. She had been getting better (pneumonia) and suddenly coded after they moved her to Med Surg. I am not saying anything bad about med surg, it was the lack of caring or shock.Like, oh yeah, she died. I cried over this funny lady, hugged her family and what not. I think maybe I'm too emotional for this job. The lady's niece said, "I hope you stick with your school because I think you'll make a great nurse one day." What's proper? Or normal, for that matter? I can see it in a LTC setting; you really get to know these people. The way some of the other techs talk about patients ticks me off. They'll describe someone as a PITA, and from my viewpoint they aren't that at all. I did hair for 10 years before this, and still a relatively new cna. Just call me miss customer service. Eh.... just bummed, I guess.
  7. scizzerin

    One grateful family made a horrible day better

    Thanks for the post. I'm in school and working as a tech in an icu, and after an especially hectic day, a lady with whom I was caring for her elderly aunt said, "Honey, I hope you stick with it; you have a good heart." That made me feel my efforts weren't wasted.
  8. scizzerin

    "I don't want to do bed side nursing"...SAY WHAT!

    I'm a tech now, and I LOVE working with the nurses who show their passion for patient care. I agree about the skin care and bathing being an integral part of the nursing assessment, and have seen nurses 'find' something that requires a change in their care plan. There are a few nurses (who are not necessarily new) who hate bedside and don't even see the patient unless I report a 300 blood sugar! Thank God they are few and far between. Lauralassie......DON'T EAT ME!!
  9. scizzerin

    What can I do to help a struggling student nurse??

    Where I work, each Christmas, we all pitch in to get a 'care package' for one of us in need. We keep it confidential, and no one knows who's getting it, but everyone pitches in and votes who they think it should go to. In the past, we had grocery coupons, movie passes, massage & pedicure package, and Molly Maids. You are very kind to want to help, but I know (like the above poster) that sometimes it's hard to admit you need help. I hope everything goes well.
  10. scizzerin

    Just Started Clinical Rotation

    My first day was good, but no one knew I was starting that day, so helped a CNA all day. Everyone gets along great, from what I can tell. I've heard that saying about nurses "eating their young", may be true, just not necessarily on my unit. With that being said, I felt overwhelmed at the turn over and amount of work. (icu, pcu) Crazy, running like the proverbial chicken. Fun, day goes by quick. Just remember, there are always crapheads no matter where you go, no matter their education level......
  11. scizzerin

    Dry hands

    I've been using the "Gloves in a Bottle" I got from the local scrub shop. It works great at retaining the moisture, but not as well when your hands are already rocked. My grandmother has some weird old-lady concoction she gave me that smells like ben gay and roses, but it works well, I just slather and glove at night and use the Glove in a Bottle at work. It is expensive, though, but that expense outweighs the risk of some funky bug getting in me!
  12. scizzerin

    Hair Problems...help !

    as a hairstylist (and student nurse!) i think you should check the product. ALWAYS do the patch test, because even if you have been using the same product for years, your body can change. (think latex glove allergies) Foiling is by far the best way to get where you want to be. I suggest a tri-foil (your dark brown, a lighter brown and a blonde) It's more time consuming and expensive for the service, but you can usually go twice as long as with traditional haircolor. i wouldn't cut it off unless it's already short. bear in mind that grey hair is usually more coarse, if you want to be gray, you may have to change your styling technique or use different products. as for me, anytime before death is premature grey....
  13. scizzerin

    opinions about epidurals

    hi all... slightly long post.... I had to be admitted to the hosp. at 27 weeks because my kidney's were shutting down (lupus). My daughter was an early bird, born at 30. Because I had been in so long before her birth, I had plenty of time to think. My doctor made it clear I'd be a cesarean, and cesarean means drugs. That was ok. I even got signed papers for them to do a tubal while they were in there. (I was 23) So, I'm on the dialysis machine, baby monitor going crazy, and ooh, it was starting to hurt! So dialysis nurses give me my blood back (obviously with heparin) and I go down to L&D. My heparin levels were too high for them to attempt to give an epidural. Another doctor in the same practice was on call that night, and she ended up thinking it would be better to go natural. The funny thing is, I was happy not to be cut open! I labored 12 hours, then actively for only 15 minutes. The nurses kept coming back, saying "we'll get you pain medication, just as soon as your heparin levels go down." I think your body anesthestizes itself to a certain degree. The big kicker was the huge demerol shot afterward! It wasn't hurting after she came out, but they had given me pitocin before and after to minimize bleeding. I definately won't have more children, but not because of childbirth pain, mostly because my kidney couldn't take it. I eventually had a transplant from my identical twin 1 year later. Unless I explain all that, anyone I tell I had natural childbirth think I'm nuts. I'm glad I did, my husband was very supportive, wiping my sweat and holding my hair out of the way so I could vomit. Plus I was up out of bed 15 minutes later. I think I would still do it naturally but minus all the complications.
  14. scizzerin

    Now I've heard it all!!

    whoa! That's awesome.........
  15. scizzerin

    Anything helpful to buy for CNA position?

    If they don't already supply them, a gait belt.
  16. scizzerin

    Ever been accused of being an "overcompensator"?

    He's definately a butt head. You must mean P.H.A.T., not fat! (Pretty, Hot, And Tempting) I had a family member (who is also a drop out) accuse me of thinking I was "better than my roots". Talk about loser! Same situation, jealousy. My husband is my biggest cheerleader about my education. I could see why some "macho" men would feel threatened about their wives going to school, you know smarter, better. Good luck with everything.