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  1. I am planning on moving to az over the summer, around the beginning of aug. there were great relocation packages a couple of months ago but times are tough all over. I would prefer a direct hire position and don't need relocation package, and don't particularly want to sign a contract. I have 9 months med/surg experience and will have a year of L&D experience, as well as about a year of home health experience and have some dialysis exp. I guess my question is are there positions available, I am flexible with dept. and schedule. but I am seeing talks of hiring freezes and the like. So in the phoenix or tucson area are there jobs available???? I haven't started applying yet because times are so crazy and don't think anyone would hire for aug. right now. any comments or advice greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. damarystx

    the phrase "breaking the bed"

    As an L&D nurse I don't really care if the bed is broken down or not, it is up to the doc or cnm as to what their preference is and what is most comortable for mom and I think that most of my coworkers would agree that our top concern isn't how much of a mess there is rather that mom and baby are comfortable and most importantly safe, and I don't clean the floors housekeeping does so maybe housekeeping has a preference.
  3. damarystx

    inappropriate comment made by RN in front of patient

    Say something, I have learned that not enough people stand up for what is right, not enough people are willing to rock the boat, but behavior like that CAN NOT be tolerated. Everyone has bad days, everyone gets an admission or transfer at the worst possible time but that should never be taken out on the patient. If the nurse felt in some way that she was getting "stuck" with a patient and that it was unfair to her because of her work load then she needed to take that up with her supervisor not voice it so that a patient is aware of her negative feelings. I know that being a new nurse is hard but don't let your desire to fit in cloud your judgement and compromise your morals and values. We work with people who are at their most vulnerable, people who are literally trusting us with their lives, by accepting this incredible responsibility we are obligating ourselves to advocate for our patients, they are trusting that we have their best interests in mind, that we care about them, and that we chose our job because we want to help people. Stand up for what you believe in, SAY SOMETHING ! she needs to be reprimanded for her behavior, go to her supervisor. I understand the desire to send an anonymous letter but a letter with a signature holds much more weight, and you should not be afraid to stand up for what is right. I have been in your situation and it's a hard one and it sucks, in my situation the person ended up losing her job because it was an ongoing problem, the things that were being said were harsh. I did not know that she was going to lose her job and when I found out that the person was told who brought it up I was scared to go back to work, she had friends there and we all worked in the same area. But I did it and in my situation it worked out for the better. The supervisor put a "gag order" on the situation so when it was done it was done and that was the end of it. Maybe she was just having a bad day and needs a reminder that venting is best done in private or maybe it is an ongoing problem and more information from more people is needed to handle the problem. I wish you luck.
  4. damarystx

    How competitive is your program?

    about 400 apps for 40 seats in spring and 80 seats in fall, they alternate because they have a night program in fall..the district I am in does not have a nursing school but they have an agreement with another district that does have one and they have 8 spots for those of us that are out of district..I have a question regarding wait lists..our school doesn't have an ongoing wait list..example: you did not get accepted in Aug. so you are put on the wait list....and you are fifth on the wait lisd... you are left hoping that people will drop or get dropped so you can get in...if you don't get in you are thrown back into the mix with the applicant pool which may move you further down the list for the next semester....so basically the wait list starts all over each semster.....any other schools do that?
  5. damarystx

    Funny Sign in slips

    these weren't written down but were kind of amusing 1. I think that I am having a bad chemical reaction....I was with my friends watching the football game and drinking beer and my friends told me to try one of theirs ( a different brand ) and I think mixing the two is causing some kind of chemical reaction that is making me sick...can you do a test to see what it is? 2. I am not feeling good because I drank some hot chocolate and was smoking cigarettes.....
  6. damarystx

    LPN licenser during RN school?

    I got my LPN license, I needed the increase in pay while I finished school and I wanted to be working as a nurse to gain experience. Those of us that have done it are very happy with the decision and the experience that we are getting and have found it very beneficial.
  7. damarystx

    My son needs help. The system isn't working!

    Hi Dixiecup, I am a detox and rehab nurse and here is my advice based on my experiences and knowledge. You and your husband and if she's willing your daughter need to get into a program of your own. The term codependent comes to mind, and it is inevitable, families change their behavior to accomodate the addict, it comes from a loving place but isn't very helpful to your son and it certainly isn't a helpful and healthy way to live your lives. Your son is an adult and has to be accountable for his own actions, just like you and the rest of your family have to be accountable for yours. There are 12 step programs for families to attend for this so I suggest opening a phone book and finding your local chapter, or heading to a book store and finding a book on codependency. I am sorry that you are going through all of this and hope that you can all find the help you need.
  8. damarystx

    would you finish work from previoius shift?

    I am always willing to help out the nurses that are on the previous and I do it without question, and I hope they did take their breaks as scheduled and if they took a couple of extra minutes that is fine with me. I never assume to know what happened on someone elses shift or what is going on in someones personal life maybe they are moving a little slower because something is going on with them that they are not sharing... I also think that most people are run a little ragged at the end of the day and I am coming on fresh with more energy than they have so that is the best time to catch me for help.....all of this is not to say that I will be taken advantage of if someone is truly slacking then I will bring it up to them and then on up the chain of command if needed.
  9. I am feeling the same way...luckily our semesters are broken up in to 2 eight week classes so it kinda helps to be moving on to soemthing new and to be with a new teacher...we are actually counting the days until we finish literally! Someone created a paper chain to tear off days so they could have a visual I thought that was a cute idea, and someone on staff made a HUGE banner of encouragement so we could all leave each other messages, I am in a 2 year program and the banner is for all for semesters and staff who is also struggling because the school recently doubled the number of students it was taking..so it seems every one needs a boost! As far as forgetfulness goes, I went to the grocery store the other day and when I got back to my car I couldn't find my keys to open the trunk...turns out they were in the ignition with the car RUNNING! oops :)
  10. damarystx

    Take my survey, its for class!!!

    1.LPN working towards RN continuing on to np 2.Dual Diagnosis Detox and Rehab ( Psych and detox) 3.Hiring yes, bonuses no (no holiday pay either...grrr...) 4.Yes 5.I am a part time employee that worked 74 hours last pp, including a double 3p to 8a and then doubled back at 3p) 6.I am supposed to work 2-3 8hr shifts per week, valued, absolutely, overworked, I have put in a lot of hours but it was my choice to help out, during my shift I do not feel overworked. 7.Overtime is not expected and our RN's full time are salaried..almost fell off my chair when I heard that... 8.Yes, the conditions were completely unsafe and they had no plans on trying to resolve the situation....as a new grad I was not willing to risk my license... 9.Healthcare...4 years lpn 3 months 10.No where near retiring age..
  11. damarystx

    When patients lie about rides.....

    I used to work in an immediate care and after having such an incident we made it policy that if a patient was to recieve narcs they had to remove their clothing and be in a gown, we would then take their clothing to the nurses station and place it in a bag with a patient sticker on it. The patient would get their clothes back when their ride showed up and actually came to the room. In one case where the patient had walked to the IC we called a cab and then watched the client actually get into the cab, so he wouldn't end up getting hit by a car or causing an accident on the VERY busy road we were located on.
  12. damarystx

    Crystal Lake/McHenry nurses

    Why do you ask?
  13. damarystx

    had it with nursing school already!

    I am sorry that you are having such a difficult time in school, I am in 3rd semester and have been lucky to be surrounded with incredible people. I take night classes and have made some incredible friends in the program. I do know that the day classes are a little bit more cut throat. So I try to support my friends in the day program that are haveing the struggles that you are. If you are in your first semester most of the people at my school would agree that 1st is one of the hardest because there are so many adjustments to make..organization was and is key for us, you are not only covering ALOT of material the environment is different than other classes...did you get into the program with anyone that you know? If not, what worked for me was being really supportive to other people, really showing that I was there to become a nurse not to compete with other students...in the end you all have the same goal...and realizing that the NCLEX is pass fail, that you will not know who got the higher grade...and that hospitals only care about your license not who graduated at the top of the class may help some others to lighten up a bit...hope this helped in some small way...Good luck and hang in there!
  14. damarystx

    Is 26 too old to go back to school?

    I am 33 and in my 3rd semester of nursing school, my best friend ( who I met in nursing school) is also 33, and I am by no means the oldest person in class...I plan to continue my ed thru to a masters degree, my mom completed her masters at 50 and I met a woman once who didn't get her bachelors degree until she was in her 70's nowTHAT is inspiring to me! So at 26 you are in a perfect position to continue in school. Knowledge is power! you should never quit learning! Good luck to you:nuke: