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  1. Lorie P.

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in NICU Parents

    the mom of a former 23 week 6 day 1.4lb , 10 inch daughter i can so relate to this. she spent 121 days in the nicu and it was pure hell at times. unless parents have experienced this , it is so hard to explain the roller coaster ride that is taken during that time. my daughter was born at one hospital and taken to another 2.5 hrs away. i wasn't able to see until she was 8 days old. i went full eclamptic and spent 4 days in the msicu. then was moved to pp. talk about feeling lost. i could hear the other moms talk about their babies and mie wasn't there. nothing like leaving a hospital with out your baby and having to drive 2.5 hrs just to get a glimpse of this tiny fraile human that has skin so transparent with all these tubes and wires hooked up, laying in a warmer with plastic wrap over her to keep the lights from burning her. no one explained to me this is what i would see the very first time i did see her.. till till this day i can't not stand the smell, noise or thoughts of having to go to a nicu ever again. it changed my life forever! the great part is i now a very happy, healthly( minus asthma ) 11 year old daughter. thanks so much for this article!
  2. Lorie P.

    Why Do Nurses Write: "no new orders received"?

    cya, cya, cya.... i usually put " no new orders received, continue to monitor pt's status" of course i chart why the doc was called and all info i gave to him/her. from a past experience i had to call an on call doc 3 x about a pt that had a major change in status and the pt expired right at shift change. i had over 3 pg of notes documenting everything, which is what saved me and the others per risk mgmt.
  3. we have a comfort kit that our medical director will order and we can give atropine 2-4 gtts q 4 prn for secretions...
  4. Lorie P.

    Being a bi-polar nurse~what's it like?

    there is no reason to let your employer know about you medical issues. keep up with the doc visits, meds and exercising. if you need a day to regroup, take a sick day and take care of yourself. good luck!! come here anytime to vent, share the good and bad, at least we understand what you are going through!:heartbeat
  5. Lorie P.

    Nurses struggling with mental illness

    i don't have a hard time getting up( sometimes i do) but it is after i take my morning cocktail that whipes me out for a good 4 hours or more. all i can do is keep taking it one day at a time!! hoping tomorrow is a better day!!!
  6. Lorie P.

    Nurses struggling with mental illness

    glad to hear that some things are better. it does seem like a mountain or 2 is off the shoulders once we leave a job doesn't it? can understand about the anxiety of finaces, i got my cobra paperwork and just laughed when i saw how much they wanted. if i don't have a job how can i pay corba??? yes, anything is better than suicidal thoughts! best of luck, i am rambling now so guess i get off the computer!
  7. Lorie P.

    Nurses struggling with mental illness

    the last few days have been blahhhh to say the least. i have slept for 10hrs or more inthe last 3 days. the new meds don't seem to be helping as much. i will give them until early next week and then call the doc. it seems as if i can't get enough rest, i am tired, moody and not feeling well at all. i am also tired of explaining it to many that don't understand. part of the reason i think i feel so worn out is the cocktail of htn, cad, pkd and allergy meds that i take 2x daily. i do ok until it is time for meds and then anout 45 minutes afterwards i can't hold my eyes open. hope everyone is having a better week than i am right now. chins up and take taking 1 day at a time!!
  8. Lorie P.

    Should we chart in 24-hour time?

    always military time.... less chance of errors and no questions about what timea med was given.
  9. Lorie P.

    First hospital job

    :yeah::yeah:wishing you the very best!
  10. Lorie P.


    I would call the nursing supervisor and tell her that no way can you accept another shift! You need to leave now and not later. Forget explaining it to the staffing recruiters they don't get nursing. Good luck !! Don't let them pressure you into another shift!!
  11. Lorie P.


    Sounds like you really need to leave this position! If you are so afraid of losing your licenses and things are that bad, leave and leave NOW!! It must tell you someting about this PCG if only one nurse will accept the client. Doing 12hrs 6 days a week = burn-out! Give your proper notice and get gone!
  12. Lorie P.

    Should she tell why she's leaving?

    just tell her to give proper notice and don't burn her bridges so she can get a good recommendation from them. they probably already know why she is leaving and reminding them of how bad it is there is not going to do any good. make sure to thank the company for the time you worked there and move on!
  13. Lorie P.

    ooh nooo !!

    the glucometer should have the dates and times of last accu-checks. also pharmacy would have a report of meds that were pulled, sent for said pt.
  14. Lorie P.

    ooh nooo !!

    wow!!! 32 hours is very long time for any patient not to get meds. so i am wondering if there was some kinda error in the system or there was more than 1 nurse that signed off, charted, etc on the records that didn't give the meds either. within 32 hours no way one nurse worked the entire time. i see risk management getting invloved. sothing isn't right about this situation. makes you wonder why the family didn't say something sooner? just my . i have gone in pts rooms before and family member would either be sleeping, in the bathroom or gone down stairs to get food/snacks and when i return later they would say mom/dad/ didn't get so-in-so. then i would investigate and come to find out they were not there, were sleeping or whatever . again, some thing is not right with this picture!
  15. Lorie P.

    what do you do during the day

    it can be slow when taking care of an infant. usually i would spend time making up bottles of nursery water for the formula to be added. i kept the nursery stocked with plenty of diapers, wipes, etc. i always made sure the diaper back was ready to go at a moments notice , extra trach, trach supplies, sux catheters, ambu bag was close by. all the little things that one doesn't need unitl it is needed. that way i didn't have to search, things were at my finger tips so to speak. made sure the batteries for the sx machine were always charge. changed the sx canisters out prn. when pt was awake i would rock her, help her to practice rolling over from back to stomach or vice versa( was shown by pt how to do this). i would play with her by showing her her hands, rom when ever i changed her. some days i just watched her sleep, suctioned as needed and other basic nursing duties. i did get to read many books, cause some times i wouldn't see my pt for the first 3-4 hrs i was there. it does get slow and boring thats for sure. hope this helps!
  16. Lorie P.

    diabetes, the bane of my existence (very long post)

    so sorry you are going through all this mess. try to hang in there, disability takes a while and most people give up before they actually see any results. just having to see so many diffirent doc's doesn't help either, been there and one doesn't want to do anything because it's not his/her specialty or one does one thing and another changes what the previous doc did. come here any time to lurk, vent or just share what you are going through. hugs to you!