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  1. Mushroomprint

    Do nurses hate nursing?

    As with any job, I think its a love/hate relationship. Sometimes you love it and sometimes you can't stand it!
  2. Mushroomprint

    RN to BSN

    I went to VCU for my RN-BSN. It was 99% online and the program wasn't too strenuous.
  3. Mushroomprint

    Back pain... the abysmal side effect of nursing

    Getting a pair of shoes that fit correctly is important as well. Maybe head to your local running store and have them measure you for fit/gait/function. Having shoes that help keep your natural gait will go a long way in promoting body alignment, whi...
  4. Mushroomprint

    Shoes to buy for the OR

    Some OR's require you to have a leather top to help prevent sharps sticks if anything is dropped off the field. Finding a pair of athletic/running shoes with that is hard to find because many of them still have small perforations for breathability. I...
  5. Mushroomprint

    Worst Nursing Scrub Color Worn?

    Brown scrubs are probably the worst color choice.
  6. Mushroomprint

    POTS help!

    Informatics nursing might be something to look into. It's not as physically active which may help keep your POTS symptoms from being debilitating.
  7. Mushroomprint

    ADHD Nurses-what area do you specialize in?

    The operating room seems to be a good fit for me. Fast paced and always changing. Seems to mend well with ADHD.
  8. Mushroomprint

    What's something you never expected as a male nurse?

    I never expected to be able to move around so much. There are so many different avenues within nursing. I am on a completely different path right now, I never expected to be where I am.
  9. Mushroomprint

    Did your dating life improve when becoming a male nurse?

    Yes. Met my wife shortly after starting nursing.
  10. Mushroomprint

    Yes Ma'am, I mean Yes sir

    I work in the OR and occasionally when I walk into the pre-op room I'll get a heavy sigh(usually from male patients). I'll ask them what's wrong and they will say they were hoping for a female nurse.
  11. Mushroomprint

    The Wage Gap Myth

    No wage gap at the Veteran Affairs. All nurses seem to be at the mercy of the nursing board for pay.
  12. Mushroomprint

    Wearing a beard as a male nurse?

    I work at the Hampton VA and as far as I know beards are allowed. Which doesn't really make sense because they make you shave for the N-95 fit test.
  13. Mushroomprint

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    I am also having a tough time getting Nurse III. If anyone is willing to send me a copy of their Nurse III proficiency so I can get some insight on how to write mine it would be much appreciated. My email is: