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Mqshell specializes in Med surg long term care.

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    Are nurses really leaving nursing in droves?

    Thanks for all the replies, I’m debating switching careers my self, I’ve been in nursing for 11 years and I was curious what everyone is doing. I bet we see a flooded market of NPs even worse than now in a year or 2. I’m debating leaving it all together. Everyone is telling me I should just try something new in nursing instead like dialysis or management before giving up on it. I think for me it’s my location, Atlanta. Of course I haven’t worked at northside or Piedmont yet. I loved nursing at the Cleveland clinic in Ohio it was such a amazingly run hospital. I just don’t want to move back to snow. LOL.
  2. I keep hearing all over social media nurses are leaving nursing, as many as 25% in past year was a stat I read in article. If so many people are leaving where are they going, we still have to make a living and I’m just curious do you see nurses quitting all together where you work? I haven’t seen this but I keep reading it, is it another false media story. If so what are they doing for money.