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  1. cblossom78

    BSN while pursuing RN

    Some programs say they can take up to 24 months if you’re taking them part time. If I were to do an RN to BSN program, I would rather do it part time so I can work more hours and not lose hours of experience for grad programs. So if I could just get it all over with at once, I’d rather do that above all else. This sounds like a lot and I might be a little too ambitious
  2. cblossom78

    BSN while pursuing RN

    Definitely considering that but I’d rather have the BSN to further my options
  3. cblossom78

    BSN while pursuing RN

    I am in Michigan and accepted into an ADN program. There are many programs that allow you to complete a BSN after you get your ADN but are there any legit programs that let you take classes for your BSN while pursuing an ADN? I want to shave off a few years of schooling and go straight to grad school after I graduate. Has anyone done anything like this? Is it worth it or should I get my BSN after I complete the NCLEX?
  4. I can't send you a pm because of the 15 messages rule, is it OK to email me directly?
  5. cblossom78

    Private message requirements

    While I understand this rule, it makes me upset because I made this account just to private message someone. I'm a browser and not really a commenter. I'm not comfortable posting my email on a public forum so I'm just going to have to keep posting and commenting until I hit 15. 😞
  6. cblossom78

    How long did you study for the NCLEX

    How many weeks should you start studying for the NCLEX? I want to study as soon as possible to get the best grade I can. Is there a thing as too early?