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  1. LA Pierce College Fall 2021

    For those who received emails from Pierce asking for their TEAS score, were they requesting an official transcript sent from ATI or was an unofficial copy sent by you good enough? I had sent them a PDF of my unofficial copy earlier this year and didn...
  2. SJSU FALL 2021 BSN

    Just got accepted off of the alternate list 🙂 I have a 4.0 in the Big 8 and an 86.0% on my TEAS (which I think may be the lowest I've seen get admitted... just got in by the skin of my teeth!).
  3. Hey! Unsure how to properly send you a message-- hope this works! Would you kindly let me know of the person + email address of who you had contacted at CSULA to appeal your denial? I was hoping to contact them as well before submitting an official request through the school. Thank you so much!