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    Same Team Role Transition?

    Hey everybody, I am a nursing student graduating in May who has just accepted a job in my Hospitals ICU residency. I've matched to the floor where I currently work as a PCT/CNA, the CVICU and I'm very excited about it. I am a little concerned however about the role transition and how I will be viewed by my coworkers. I'm the only tech at any given time, so I work primarily with RNs and their opinion of me has helped me get this job. I'm just worried that they will continue to view me as a CNA even after I have begun working as a new grad. Spots on this unit are very competitive and I'm also concerned that fellow new grads will think I only got this job because I tech on the unit. Even though I am a competitive applicant in other regards. I just want to be able to transition as smooth as possible. (LOL I'm terrified of being a new nurse) Do you think my worries are founded? And if so how would you suggest I handle it?