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Combat medicine, inpatient medicine, and LTC
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Trling01 has 4 years experience and specializes in Combat medicine, inpatient medicine, and LTC.

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    Employer "lied" about pay rate

    Hi all, I'm new here, but a long time lurker. In short: During interview, I was told I would be at $26.00/hr and receive $1.50 extra for PRN status. Fast forward 3 months, I check an online pay stub and find out I'm making $26.00/hr (should be $27.50 because PRN). Contact HR and am told the $26 is with the PRN differential worked into to it. So technically I'm making $24.50 base rate. I was never told my base rate would be $24.50. I agreed on $26.00. Employer trying to do a "work-around" by saying I'm receiving the agreed upon rate. What would you do? Thanks