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  1. I’m a paramedic, and I’m almost done with my bachelors degree. I’ll be able to sit for my FP-C after my last CCT class, which is awesome; but I won’t make the type of money as an FP-C that I could as a CFRN. It doesn’t really make sense not to get the RN at this point. I realize I’d have to get a couple years of RN experience, but I can do that part time while working as a flight medic. I really love the ICU setting, and it was one of my favorite parts of medic school. My problem is that IDK what program to do. Paramedic to ADN at a community college isn’t even 10k, and I can do it while getting some flight medic experience! The accelerated BSN is faster, but it’s full time for a year and will cost three times the price. Do I actually need the BSN, when I already have a paramedic bachelors degree? I’d rather not pay for more college than I need. I don’t plan on using my RN for anything but PRN ICU work to qualify for CCRN, and to become a flight nurse after I have enough work experience. I’ve heard some agencies hire Flight NP’s now, but if I wanted to be a mid level practitioner I would most likely just go the PA route. My degree meets the requirements for PA school anyway. Is there a pay bonus for BSN over a paramedic bachelors degree? Anything that makes it worth the price tag, and time? Thanks.