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    Hello, I've been trying to do some research about performing cosmetic procedures like lip injections, botox etc. As a BSN I read about getting certified through the nation laser institute to do these. once I get certified am I able to work in my own cosmetic practice? I have tried looking all over the web and cannot seem to find distinct information that indicates weather or not I can do them without a physician being present. I have been told in Arizona a nurse can without supervision but I see nothing to support these claims. Does anyone know?
  2. Loadingnursebsn

    Aspen University

    Yes I am in the pre-licensure BSN. I hear if you do well in clinicals, hospitals may pick you for your last round of clinicals and hire you. I’m new to the field. Is it if you perform well within clinicals you succeed? I appreciate all your guidance by the way, you’ve been very helpful
  3. Loadingnursebsn

    Aspen University

    So if I proceed with aspen, get my BSN do you think I’ll be able to get a job because I passed the Nlex or will they say the school isn’t regionally accredited therefore they won’t hire me? What I’m getting from your responses is they only care about your license once you graduate and the “BSN” after your name. I just want to make sure them not being regionally accredited won’t hinder my ability to find a job upon graduation. I asked aspen but they’re of course biased. I wanted a second opinion!
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    Aspen University

    No I’m currently in their BSN program
  5. Loadingnursebsn

    Aspen University

    Thank you so much for your response! In Arizona they are only nationally accredited. After my BSN I want to be a psych NP however major schools like ASU , NAU UofA and UofP will not acknowledge the credits even after I pass the NCLEX and have my BSN to further my education. This is what I was told upon calling all of these *regionally accredited (aspen is not). However, I was told Aspen has a sister school in California called the university of America and they are regionally accredited and accept all aspen students so I guess that helps my concern of not being able to further my education. I’m now worried about being able to find a job after my BSN while trying to obtain my NP. Will hospitals accept me and hire me even though Aspen isn’t nationally accredited? I feel like that is the most concerning now that I know their sister school is accredited regionally.