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Espi4755 has 4 years experience and specializes in mental health.

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  1. UPDATE: So I was approved for a probationary license! I'll be able to take the exam again. Thank GOD.
  2. Update: So I spoke with my enforcement officer and she told me that failing the NCLEX will not determine weather or not they will approve me for a probationary license. If they approve me I'm allowed to take the test again. I'm praying to God.
  3. Hello, My name is Gaby. I'm in the process of a license appeal because of two misdemeanor convictions. I signed a contract only allowing me to take the NCLEX once for my appeal. Unfortunately, I found out yesterday that failed. I was just wondering if anyone has been in this situation before and was able to take the exam again? I worried that they will close my case and have to wait until December to reapply. I live in California btw.