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  1. UndefinedFire

    College Of The Rockies Fall 2021

    yeah I got mine today through email but don't worry guys, they probably just have a list their going through and sending out throughout the day/week
  2. UndefinedFire

    College Of The Rockies Fall 2021

    You guys, they sent out letters in email today morning
  3. UndefinedFire

    Kwantlen (KPU) - BSN

    'If I knew what I know now I would have chosen a different institution to become a nurse.' samee
  4. UndefinedFire

    BC Nursing Programs Fall 2021 - Acceptances?

    coast mountain college responds pretty fast, deadline is march 31st and you don't have to pay application fee just the 10 dollar fee to send transcripts etc
  5. UndefinedFire

    College Of The Rockies Fall 2021

    Thanks for emailing haha I was just about to. I was so ready to find out today damnn. Anyways, good luck guys, fingers crossed and hopefully we all get in
  6. UndefinedFire

    Nursing at College of the Rockies

    boy was I in for a read haha thanks
  7. UndefinedFire

    KPU BPN May 2020

    wow that is disappointing, I'm sorry I was really rooting for you! Have you tried any luck out of province? Coast mountain college is still accepting applications until 31st Oh wait nvm you go to bcit now right ?
  8. UndefinedFire

    Coast Mountain College Fall 2021 Intake

    Wow!! Congrats!! That is exceptional :) I just applied the other day after reading your comment LOL but I have like 2 A pluses and 2 B's Fingers crossed things work out!
  9. UndefinedFire

    Coast Mountain College / UNBC

    Did you ever find out ?
  10. UndefinedFire

    Coast Mountain College Fall 2021 Intake

    Hey there congrats! When did you apply btw? I thought deadline for this intake was march 31st & they would let us know if we got in after all applications were sumbitted
  11. UndefinedFire

    College Of The Rockies Fall 2021

    No I'm wasn't able to apply to BCIT because I am doing my biology courses this semester 😕
  12. UndefinedFire

    COTR FALL 2020

    Hey, how is this school so far?
  13. UndefinedFire

    College Of The Rockies Fall 2021

    Hey, I also applied to this school and I'm currently finishing my HF certificate at kpu. Also I was wondering how you were going to apply to bcit, don't you need to complete a biology course at the Uni level? I think what you have here is pretty strong grades! Hopefully we both get in! Yeah I was nervous about casper LOL I think I sorta messed up on a couple of questions :$
  14. Kpu BSN or BPN 

    Intake any year,


    also for 2020/2021 

    has anyone made it into second year if so what was your volunteer experience?  and GPA ?

  15. UndefinedFire

    BCIT Nursing Sept 2021 Intake

    hey there, sounds like you have a very strong profile here! My only concern is, don't you need chem 12 for ubc requirments?
  16. UndefinedFire

    KPU BPN Program

    hey there, thanks so much for the valuable insight. it's so hard to find any information regarding bpn program at kpu. I was just wondering what your GPA was when you applied into the kpu bpn program!